Major (Retd) Doug Whitehouse Int Corps

I am part of a team writing the bios/obituaries of our platoon at Sandurst for a reunion book. We have managed to contact almost everyone but have drawn a blank with Doug Whitehouse. We know he was commissioned into the Sherwood Forresters in 1963, transferred to the Intelligence Corps and attended the Staff College as a Major in 1974. We believe he left the army in the late 1970's. We know he was married and believe he died after 1992 when we last met at a reunion. We have drawn a blank with Int Corps records. If anyone out there has any information about him, in particular his life after the army, could they please pm me. Many thanks.
Did he contribute to the Economics of Soviet Regions? If so then he wrote a piece entitled The asiatic RSFSR. If not then a different Doug Whitehouse.


His full name from the London Gazette of 20 September 1963 was Douglas Anson WHITEHOUSE (474094) when he was

Retired as Major 11 March 1978. [London Gazette 14 March 1978]

I've had a look at Ancestry and a person of the same name died 3 May 1994. He lived in Esher Surrey.
We have drawn a blank with Int Corps records.
That seems a little odd; it's not a huge Corps, and the names and records of people serving in it from the past fifty years should be easily available to someone at Chicksands; the Museum?

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