Major restriction on MTDs for 2007-08

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Kitmarlowe, Jan 31, 2007.

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  1. My PSI dropped a bit of bombshell alst night with the info there may be a major cut in the number of MTD's available for the next training year.

    Has anyone else heard anything similar or is it a wind up..?
  2. It's the same old rumour.

    In an under-recruited TA, with only average numbers turning up for Ex's, we'd be hard pushed to spend the existing budget.

    The day that training has to be canned with the current demands (MATTs etc) and the ever present mobilisation numbers, will be the death knell of recruiting and retention.

  3. I concur. Training demands are higher than ever, as are demands for credibly trained troops as IRs.
  4. Threats to MTD / Training budgets have been cut / under threat of cut since I joined in 1985.

    Any manipulation of these budgets should be ruthlessly audited and argued against by the CoC to ensure that those in Whitehall are fully aware of the impacts.

    Throughout the 90's budgets were cut, but the TA had very little clout at the table because of the lack of deployments being conducted. This situation has now changed more drastically than even the most pessismistic Staff Officer could imagine.

    I guess the question is, how much of a fight will those who wield real influence from the TA side of the table put up, in order to maintain what we have? My guess, is precious few, because as the last four years has shown us, sticking your neck out, costs you.

    Agreed that the impact of R & R will be anything but positve. Treasury directive per chance?
  5. It seems a bit harsh to cut major MTDs...what about other officers or senior ranks taking a share??
  6. Come on guys just see through it all, just keep on turning up... they will soon tell you too stop if and when they want too, get the days in ---after that its a bonus isnt it.....dont listen to the shite being dealt out
  7. I'd heard that a certain brigade (no names!!) 51bde was trying to bring the limit of every man and jack from 117 days to 32 days next year!!!

    They are obviously having a giraffe.

  8. Unfortunately the MOD is very short of money due to lots of aggressive camping overseas, that we seem to be commited to by Tony, but not fully funded for by Gordon. The Army CoC have few budgetary areas where they can make quick savings. MTDs is one of them.

    In the past units were allocated funds using the method of MTDs per man per year. I understand that funding is now based on unit activity, not monmey allocated to individuals. This is all linked into the Army's Output Delivery Programme (ODP). At unit level (both Reg and TA) the tool for managing figures is an IT application called BLENHEIM. In theory, if unit funding is reduced then it will be done by cancelling specific activities for the unit, not stopping an individual from doing anything. At unit level there should be a degree of flexibility to still employ key individuals for high(ish) numbers of MTDs. The regional Bdes may set an indivdual limit but the Army is suposed to be looking at unit activity. Good PSAOs and PSIs will manage this well, showing leadership and keeping morale high through innovative training. (I admit that this last point may be a slight flaw in the plan for some units).

    My advice is to keep your chins up and keep attending. The higher the attendance, the harder it is for the CoC to justify cuts. Also, if military training is restricted, get officers and SNCOs (or any keen individual) to organise sports and adventure training as C1 activity. You still get paid travel and it should be insured. Its not ideal but it keeps people in the habit of attending and is an excuse to keep fit with your mates, and then go on the p1ss.

    It would be a pity to leave as every year MTDs are cut the next year they change their mind and cannot give the money away fast enough.

    Ride the storm. Play lots of sports. Keep the faith.
  9. PSAOs and PSIs? Surely this is one for OCs and CSMs? :frustrated:
  10. I have a relative who works as a parliamentry clerk, he is very interested in defence matters and because of his job gets lots of gen, no duff, accurate info long before it hits the army/public domain.

    We discuss a lot and thus far his information has been spot on.

    He has suggested that when Gordon Brown gets the top job at number 10 he is going to introduce a lot of very hard cuts on defence spending, far worse than anything introduced by any government sine 1945.

    Limited MTD's will be the least of our worries. Although the RN will be hit harder (no new carriers) If however you want a job in overseas development things are looking good.

    Of course no one will notice they will all be too excited about our bright shiney new PM.

  11. Not just that Bde, latest on the grape vine a certain NE Bde are going to do the same.
  12. Just turn up at your TAC as usual, if theres a sign on the door that reads "Shut". Just get yourself a new hobby.

    Gone Fishing!
  13. Unaccustomed as I am to agree with Mr_Logic he has it on the nail here. BLENHEIM predicts all TA activity and allows commanders at higher levels to micromanage TA attendance by the cancelling of training activities without taking into account other factors which unit/sub units may feel important. This is the first year it will be in place and we all wait to see its effect.

    There will be an initial allocation of cash to units based on their activity plans agreed with Bdes. These are forecast using BLENHEIM to take approximate attendance numbers for each event and it then up to the TM to maintain scrutiny of actual vs projected expenditure and adjust as necessary.

    The allocation of x days per man is based upon recruited strength as opposed to active and there will therefore be some 'slack' in the system. In addition there will be allocation for key enablers (OCs, CSMs, CQMSs recruiters etc.) to fulfil their additional functions.

    The controls on individual expenditure will be the same as in previous years. Extensions will have to be applied for at the 50, 80, 100 and 117 day limits or stages thereof and these will have to have reasonable justification, especially if they were not forecast at the beginning of the year.

    In summary, the picture is not a bleak as some paint it but there will be some belt tightening, especially for those who try to make the TA a full time career. Keep at it!
  14. We're both right. Within the context I wrote I meant that PSAOs and PSIs will hopefully manage the budget well and use the freedoms open to them. As to leadership you are of course right that the TA hierarchy have a key role to play in leading their men and maintaining morale.
  15. not a rumour.