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Major punches Capt's lights out, Cdr wades in and gets the good news as well.

They will, or they’ll get a punch in the face.
Hey! That's Sluggo's line!

Scowling unicorn.jpg
Would it be seen as 'career enhancing'?
For example, somebody who was dead-ending in his current role, and wanted to get a few brownie points?

Not a 'career enhancing' posting for a 51 year old major - though a decent one, financially, for one's last years of service - the LOA (or whatever it's called now) used to be good.
Comrade Stackers input on every thread is tainted with the politics of envy.

What envy? Pointing out that if it was a junior rank he probably would have got a lot worse than a fine?
So highly decorated DM but no mention of medals?

Wings are usually rather highly placed decorations, well above medals.


Oddly, no black nasty on this pic either.
Interesting to see what kind of precedent this sets; I'd always been under the impression that assaulting a superior or a subordinate was pretty much an automatic discharge offence, because it undermines core values, discipline etc etc etc.

What this verdict says, is that it's OK for Baz-the-punchy-Lance-Jack to deck the CO and carry on normal jogging, albeit with slightly curtailed promotion prospects and at a different unit.

Probably better to use the old two up, ond down rule for this in addition to the old which billet you can fill question...

LCPL Baz can punch a SGT or a PTE and carry on but will take it in the neck for a Staffy and above or a trainee.
Isn’t 51 quite old for a Major? Was he LE?

That is the normal progression for bands persons, is it not? Enlisted bugle polisher up through the ranks to stick shaker.
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