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Major OpSec fubar...

Couldn't find this elsewhere on ARRSE....

Apparently this serving soldier posted a photo of the movements order of them coming back off Ops & also TAGGED over 40 of his mates!
Bet he was a popular lad,especially on the back of what recently happened in Woolwich,no doubt he's in for a shoeing of his mates,extra duties from the Razzman & a seat all to himself on the plane home...

ONCE AGAIN, an absolutely shocking display. What the fuck are people thinking when they do things like this? Clearly they are not thinking. I mean, anyone who lets the battery get down to 23% really wants to take a good look at themselves.
The RAF got me home 14 hours early last week, and they fed me.
Let me guess. It was diverted and you live near Prestwick?

And wraps are not food.

I was once on a flight that was diverted to a convenient airport (East Midlands - handy for Chilwell). The delight was shortlived when they insisted on busing us 120 miles to Lyneham where we waited until the luggage was delivered the following day.
If you go onto the Brize Norton website it tells you what time they, supposedly, take off and land.

My record was 33 hours between steeping on the TriStar at KAF and finally stepping off the feckin thing at BZZ.
Not a secret, a mystery. If they land within 24 hours of the published time, it makes the MoD_RSS feed.
It's also a fucking miracle if it takes off or lands +/- 24hrs of its original ETD/ETA and a miracle if you haven't been endlessly buggered around unnecessarily by jumped-up propellormen conducting some utterly bone task.

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