Major Milos Stankovic - late the Parachute Regiment - what happened to him?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by cokecan, Sep 14, 2010.

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  1. i wonder if any Arrsers would know what happened to Maj Stankovic - obviously there was no criminial/military trial, i know he left the army and lost his civil case against the MOD - does anyone know how he's getting on?

    read the book and (probably as i was supposed to) imagined a bloke put into an impossible situation who was then stiffed by people jealous of his role and station - any views?
  2. I have no idea what happened to him after his Civil Case, I read the book also and I am sure he got a good mention in General Jacksons' Soldier book, read that also but forget exactly what General Mike Jackson said about him, I seem to recall it was positive though, General Jackson was one of the first to stand up for Maj Stankovic after he was accused of spying for the Bosnian Serbs, it still isn't clear who brought the allegations against him (we probably never will know due to the Official Secrets Act being cited as to the reason he was not allowed to be told either) and by doing so destroyed his career in the British Army but it is believed it was senior British Army Officers who listened to and believed lies made up by senior members of the Bosnian Muslim Army at the time he was Lt General Rupert Smiths' Aide. I still get my haircut by the guy who used to cut General Rose's hair in Sarajevo, he has a picture of him cutting the Generals' hair that he keeps hidden behind a mirror and usually only shows Brits the picture, General Rose and the U.N. weren't too popular in Sarajevo, but the barber liked him and Maj Stankovic.
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  3. Last time I spoke with him he was a practitioner in a range of complementary therapies. It sounded like business was going well. (But that was before 'Brown's Bust', so maybe people have less money to splash on that kind of thing.)
  4. Bit of a 'Holy thread resurrection Batman', but from today's Times:

    A hero of Britain’s involvement in the Bosnian civil war, whose military career was destroyed by a prolonged police investigation that resulted in no charges, has called for urgent reform of pre-charge bail.
    Milos Stankovic, 51, a former major in the Parachute Regiment, was “twisting in the wind” on police bail for 18 months before receiving a one-line letter telling him he would face “no further action”.
    The experience ended his hopes of advancement in the army and shattered his trust in the criminal justice system. With the home secretary
    reviewing police bail after cases such as that of the broadcaster Paul Gambaccini and journalists arrested by Scotland Yard in Operation Elveden, Mr Stankovic said there was a clear opportunity for reform.
    He said: “It’s been a long time coming, but the review is a positive move forward that will help ensure people are not left in limbo cruelly and unnecessarily.”
    Steven Barker, Mr Stanknovic’s solicitor, said that thousands of people had their lives turned upside down every year by being arrested and left on indefinite bail. He said: “What is needed is a wholesale look at the relationship between investigation, arrest and charge. People left hanging on bail are the hidden victims of the criminal justice system.”
    Mr Stankovic had seemed set for high rank when, in October 1997, he was arrested by the Ministry of Defence Police. He was suspected of breaching the Official Secrets Act when working as the United Nations’ commander’s go-between with the Bosnian Serb leadership.
    He received the MBE for that role and for his part in a “Schindler’s List” operation that saved many lives during the conflict, and also won him a place on the military’s advanced staff command course.
    The investigation, run covertly by MI5 then overtly by the Ministry of Defence Police, ended after more than two years with no charges being brought. A High Court judge concluded years later that the case had been “a considerable personal tragedy”.
    Mr Stankovic said: “Whether it is my case or whether it is entertainers being arrested under Yewtree, the fact is the general public will always labour under the assumption that you don’t get arrested unless there’s something in it.
    “My professional life was destroyed the moment they arrested me. I was told not to have any contact with colleagues, I was immediately ostracised. The army was my life — it’s not like it was a part-time job I would turn my back on and walk away from.”
    Mr Stankovic was told he was being bailed for two months but his bail was postponed three times until he was finally re-interviewed by police a year after his arrest. Another six months passed before he was cleared.
    He said: “It was like being put into a psychological prison where the jail term was indeterminate. In a way it’s worse if you are part of a very ordered structure like the armed forces, where you don’t have to think too much about what you’ve got to wear and where you’ve got to be. Suddenly you’re on your own.”
    The experience has also turned a man who should have become at least a brigadier into someone who “doesn’t trust the system one inch”.
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  5. Milos is a good bloke.

    He has moved on from all this & is getting his life back on track!
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  6. Very good to hear that. My understanding is that he was stitched up by the Yanks.
  7. No change there then!
  8. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Had a few jars with him in Bosnia in '93. Good bloke, stiffed by the institution.
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  9. See Brotherton Lad's comment. The spams can say WTF they want to, the people who do the stitching are invariably closer to home. Never met the chap but I wish him every success in his endeavours, there was a stench about the case from the start.
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  10. I've told him about this thread...............

    He doesn't have an account but asked me to post this......................

    Quote begins.................

    I don't comment on Arrse as I don't have an account or whatever.

    I wonder if you add a comment.

    I was definitely not stitched up by the Americans. I get on well with them.

    The government's star witness from MI5 revealed that the allegations had come from a fellow Parachute Regiment officer, who had retired just before the Balkan wars started.

    Green-eyed monster at work.

    Quote ends!
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  11. How can you be left on bail for 2yrs? It's my understanding that if you do not hear from the court etc within 6 months for pre trial hearings or trial dates of being charged then the case is out the window.
  12. I didn't know that MOD Plod had an investigative branch.
  13. Mod Plod used to anyway have the largest fraud squad in the UK
  14. What part of this is so hard to understand?

    "The investigation, run covertly by MI5 then overtly by the Ministry of Defence Police, ended after more than two years with no charges being brought. A High Court judge concluded years later that the case had been “a considerable personal tragedy”.
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  15. The part where once charged they have 6mths to bring it to trial not just dangle it along and hope for the best judges should have kicked it into the grass long before.