Major Millionaire

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by MightyGem, Apr 23, 2003.

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  1. Surprised that there's no thread on this yet, so I'll start one.

    Seem's guilty as charged from the programme the other night. Mind you Martin Bashir isn't the most reputable of documentary makers is he?

    He seemed rather dim for a Sapper Major, I thought.
  2. Now you see what we have to put up with  :eek:
  3. I can definately remember the guy being at Maidstone from around 1986ish. I was attached to 20 sqn for (another) Falklands tour with support troop.Us & 3 troop were in Stanley living on the last coastel while 1 & 2 troops were at the newly built Death Star. One of he duty driver tasks was to bring the Sqn orderly officer from MPA to Stanley Airfield 'Cage' to sign the incident book. Frequently this invoved collecting a rather vague, Tim Nice-But Dim character called Mr Ingram from the officers mess & depositing him back there a few hours later.

    All very unremarkable I know and doesn't give much insight to the bloke until I recieved an E- Mail from an old friend, an ex-POM, who did more than his share of duty driver on that tour. Apparently his thing was to get the driver to stop outside the Canache NAAFI, pat his pockets & with a 'Sorry old boy, seem to have left my cash in the mess',  would ponce a couple of quid off the driver for cigars.

    I've no idea if this was indicative of his future conduct or a standing prank amongst the junior officers in the mess, either way, I don't wish him any malice.His two crimes were getting caught and having a friend called Tecwyn 
  4. I dunno why everyone acts so surprised. I thought all occifers walked around without wallets? And good on him for getting on the show and having a go at ripping off that great girls blouse.
  5. I knew him when he was in Germany...he was a troopy in my squadron and then i had the misfortune of him being my cadre officer...grrr...and for some bizarre reason the mention of him bumming cigs from people rung a bell...maybe he was gonna use his million to start his own baccy company?hehehe :twisted:
  6. Ingram, if that is who you are on about.

    He was OC 50 HQ Sqn in 99, He was a knob, a typical blithering, dithering idiot with the "i havent got clue and Im lucky to get this far" look. His wife was\is a stuck up snotty arrse cow who was about as much use as the turd ive dropped down the toilet this morning.

  7. Was he 50sqn OC in bosnia 98/99?.I`m surpised nelly burke or jack frost didn`t kick his arse of the fcukin planet
  8. If he was then i did not see him.
  10. and just how far did YOU get? It's always easy to slag people off but I doubt you've made it to be Chief of the General Staff. On the other hand, if you have made it that far then please accept my apologies your majesty.
  11. That's not the issue here Ethel,
    the fact that an officer(and a gentleman) tried one of the biggest cons in tv history is... it's good to get a picture from different angles of what various people thought about him, whether you like it or not...i find it so ironic that he's become more popular now than what he was(in the media eye)...not bad for a crim,eh?...just like some of the lads who end up doing time at Colchester,or end up getting in the soft and generally works out better in the long run...and most of them get promoted...mmmmm...some similarites here methinks..
    or is it the fact that everyone loves a rogue?
    p.s. have you met him?
  12. When this man took over 50, moral was crucified! And shot at dawn!
    Ingram did not inspire me or his Sqn with confidence in his leadership abilities. When he spoke he fidgeted and looked lacking. He was scruffier than the average cavalwy officer. He exactly fitted the name given to officers of his type, "Rupert".
    Jack Frost ran 50.

    So how far did I get, as far as I wanted to. :)
    (Skjold had the pleasure of serving with 36 Engr Regt from Oct 97-Oct 03)
  13. He was at maidstone, but i was told that he used to be 2ic of 20 Fd Sqn in the early 90's.[/quote]