Major M L forge

I am having a bit of a clear out, lurking in the back of my wardrobe was my mess kit, last worn in 1990, time to go thinks I.
I had 2 pairs of No 1 trousers acquired somewhere in the dark and distant past, in one is a label showing the original owner to be one M L Forge, Normandy RMAS.
Being interested in Genealogy and Military History I though a quick bit of research over a coffee might turn up who the owner was.
From the London Gazzette I find:
2nd Lt M L Forge (468997) 29-7-1961
Lt 29-1-1963
Capt 29-7-1967
Maj 6-7-1976
While he was the OC of 205 Signal Squadron he was unfortunately killed in a "Friendly Fire" incident in the Falklands campaign.
My original plan to sling them in a skip is now on hold.
Urrgh, dead man's pants. We had a block named after him at the AACollege at Harrogate, we were always told he died in a helicopter crash during the war
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