Major Jailed !

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by glory_hunter, Dec 8, 2007.

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  1. YesItsMe

    YesItsMe LE Good Egg (charities)

    committed a crime - convicted on a criminal charge - plain and simple
  2. Disgusting.

    What a waste.

    A disgrace to the uniform.
  3. Kiddie fiddling scum. I hope he has his MBE taken off him as well as getting dry bum raped in the showers.
  4. sick f*ck!!!

    i hope if your out there you get whats coming to you

    jail isnt enough for sick c*nts like you!
  5. will he lose his pension and other gratuties

    or did he resign,

    I thought you boys had a mess webley for the likes of him
  6. Sick MotherF**ker - Needs stringing up.

    Hopefully the cons will get him..
  7. Hero or not a nonce is a nonce, sicko's like this deserve what they get
    what the fcuk was he thinking, most of us have a porn collection of sorts but kids is gross and gigabytes worth is sick in the extreme,
    fcukin burn in hell you sick deviant tw@t!!!!!!
  8. Isn't it quite hard for an officer to lose his pension. I thought it was only something like treason that warrants it.
  9. Not a good day for the Army Air Corps.

    Hang him
  10. I hope not. He should lose the lot, sick fcuker. :evil:

    Serious mental illness there...and WTF!!!....18 months? are they serious?
    I hope when they release him its not before some INTENSIVE therapy. Exploring his sexuality? Good lord.....the mans conscience is obviously absent. Thank Christ he was discovered before he could do any of these despicable acts least i hope he was. What a frighteningly dangerous man.

    So very sad that someone who has obviously done some very good and brave things with his life can have let his profession and himself down so pitifully.
  12. And now we all keep tabs on the Aviation Forum to see who has stopped posting....

    In such a case as this, would Admin publicly suspend an account?

    (Always assuming that he subscribed to ARRSE).
  13. As a parent sick and as an ex soldier....ashamed that this man wore the same uniform as me. His pension and everything that comes with it should be withdrawn. This in my book is THE sickest crime anybody can commit and he deserves jail, just by looking at images like this creates a demand.
  14. in atc (cadet view) we had quite a few backs to the wall cases, but don't blame the group, only individuals are sick like this