Major GJ Whyman

Hope no one objects to me posting this; just wanted to share.

Today would have been my old mans last working day in the Army before what would have been his 55th birthday on Sunday. However an RTA cut his life short at 44. I will definitely be drawing some inspiration from his memory before Main Board next week.

Thanks for your service dad, Certa Cito.
RU99, your post is far from inappropriate and please accept my condolences for your loss; quite what your father would have made of the Royal Corps in the intervening eleven years, Lord alone knows! Are planning to follow into your father's footsteps and join the Royal Corps of Signals or do your career aspirations take you in a different direction?
I was actually looking in the direction of the Corps of Royal Engineers. I know that he wouldn’t have minded that to be honest, he always bigged up the Sappers. Need to pass the board first! Thanks for your reply.
A truely touching post.

All the best for main board and feel free to ask for any advice on the board or the trip to sandhurst that fingers crossed will follow.
Nothing wrong with the Sappers - I started out in their mortal enemies, the Gunners, myself. At the end of the day, you must go where you think that you will (a) deliver the most effect and (b) get the most out of it. Life ain't a rehearsal. Good luck with your Main Board, although I am sure that you won't need it.
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