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Major General Sir Kenan Winn - Walt outed in LANARK

Am just surprised that he wasn't exposed until an insurance claim investigation. Surely he must have triggered someone radar somewhere that all wasn't right..especially when walting as a high ranked, titled officer.
I'm about 90% sure I met him at a charity thing in Motherwell in 2004/5ish but didn't see him dressed like Gaddafi.

Edited to add yep, 2004 at the Davey Cooper lounge, it was a fundraiser for something to do with a local hospital. My outlook diary never forgets. It was a BNI organised event.
"...“I knew he was a bit vain because he gave me pictures of him dressed in his uniform to put up on my wall.

But there were never any of his military colleagues in them and one was taken at a gay ball in Glasgow..."

Heh heh heh... I bet he was trying for an easy audience!
You lot may scoff but it has helped him punch above his weight in the totty stakes.

I'm glad the Armed Forces Act doesn't cover mufti, I'd get done for impersonating a human.
Is he a true walt seeing he was actually a LCpl. Delusions of grandeur yes but a walt?
True, Lance jack is just one rank below Maj Gen, after all! If i walk about with a Sgt's or any rank slide other then my own on im a walt, let alone a commisioned and high ranking officers rank slide.


Book Reviewer
This is outrageous. I am totally outraged. Totally. How can this man have been walting it up and someone other than Arrse exposed him? Bloody waltenkormmando - get you bloody act together or I'll have reasons in writing...

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