Major General Paul Alexander

From the RSA Site Major General Paul Alexander has rolled his seven this month.

He was my CO at 1 Div HQ & Sig Regt in the mid 70s. A man's man and another true gent of whom we had a few back in the day.

I didn't meet him again till 1988 when he was SOinC and making a visit to us at 22 Sigs in Lippstadt. He recognised me from many years before and even recalled my name, that IMO is the mark of a good commander.
Sad news, only met the guy once, years later as a 2* in MoD he went in to bat for me big time over a vetting issue whilst I was in an E2 role somewhere else.

It was probably a drop in the ocean in the role he was in, but he took the time out, probably only a few minutes, to put a flea in "Someone's" ear on my behalf, a passed over WO2 to boot. General Paul was obvs not prepared to delegate this.

When I got to "Maj Someone's" office, later that morning "Someone", having had a one-way conversation with Gen Paul, was angrier than I have EVER seen him, and for that I will be eternally grateful.;)

I can only echo what Chod has said above.

Raising a glass now Sir !

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