Major Gareth Rhys-Evans - RIP

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Pasty Boy, May 3, 2009.

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  1. I received some sad news today: Maj Gareth Rhys-Evans was killed this morning while taking part in a cycle race/time trial in Cambridgeshire. He was hit by a car from behind and was pronounced dead at the scene. He was serving with 1 MI Bn in Rheindahlen.

    Grif was a good friend of mine - we were at Sandhurst together ( I am not Int Cors but thought that some of you might want to know) - and although I haven't seen him for a while I was hoping to see him again soon and it would be like old times. My heart goes out to his wife and two kids as well as the rest of his family.

    RIP Grif
  2. I was speaking to him on Fri at the Sharron Elliott Trophy in Chicksands.

    From all at INT CORPS Rugby.

  3. Aw hell. Condolences to the family and near ones.
  4. I was with Maj Evans at the start of the race and did not see him again until after he had passed. All I can say is that his immediate family is being taken care of.

  5. 'r ddraig ydy am hanner hwylbren heddiw.

    Bwyso i mewn Dangnefedd!
  6. So sad for the big fella. Saw him at the Sharron Elliott Trophy where he was in full flow. He was forgoing joining us at the Army v Navy so that he could focus on competing in the race as cycling was his passion. My thoughts and prayers are with his wife and young children. RIP, butty bach.
  7. This is shocking and terrible - Griff was a great bloke with his heart in the right place. It is truly sad. God rest his soul.

    He was a great mate, a laugh and a fine rugby player.

    Thoughts to his wife and children - he will be missed.
  8. Terrible, terrible news. You will be missed mate.
  9. Heard the sad news today from my 2ic, condolences to all family and friends.
  10. Just read the signal. Good God, how tragic. Never had the honour of meeting him but every one I have spoken to has nothing but high praise for a great guy and excellent officer. My deepest sympathies particularly to his nearest and dearest.

    God Bless.
  11. A fantastic person, family man, Officer and Intelligencer. A very very sad loss! Rip Griff............
  12. Any news on the arrangements?
  13. Speak to your CoC or the Corps Adjt. They will/should not be posted here.
  14. See above!
  15. Cambridge News