Major French defence cuts threaten UK relationship

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jim30, Mar 27, 2013.

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  1. Interesting article in the Daily Telegraph (French defence cuts 'could harm British military partnership' - Telegraph) - essentially the French are looking at getting £25 billion of cuts to their budget between now and 2020.

    If implemented this could see major cuts to French capability, including the loss of their only carrier. Given decisions need to be made soon on carrier, Rafale replacement and nuclear matters, one has to wonder what will give. Could France scrap le bomb?
  2. always worth noting how much ridicule the Torygraphs defence reporting gets here, Prune and elsewhere - you'd have therefore to be careful about its defence reporting in another language...

    'Gallic' defence oficials?
  3. Throwing away all the ****ing action men and daktari rifles and hiding under Johnny Frogs unwashed apron wasn't such a good idea afterall then was it Prime Min... errm, sorry, Dave?
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  4. Scrap "le bomb"? Nah. Although they may very easily reduce the number of delivery systems they have. My money is on them keeping the SLBMs.
  5. The nightmare scenario is not going to happen.

    It's the same tactic used every time by the finance ministry; they say huge cuts are in preparation knowing they won't be accepted and then satisfy themselves with medium cuts while the armed forces think they have won the fight....

    So the CdG is not up for sale.


    More info here in French:

    Exclusif : la défense va sauver les meubles contre les exigences de Bercy (actualisé)
  6. Perhaps they will buy F35B and ask to share our two CVF's - and at that point Sunno and his band of follows can eat my dust!!!
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  7. does this mean I might not get to laugh at their squaddies wandering around carrefour avec sac a main
  8. Either way, whatever happens, the UK will end up looking like idiots it's just the way things are. We'll probably end up giving them a carrier in some****ed up deal that sees us receive no payment for it but 'strengthens our bond militarily' then never deploy with the French ever again Or something...
  9. Unlike “Fantassin” and many others that understand the workings of our government, the “Daily Telegraph” article appears to be an erroneous interpretation of the situation.

    The claims that we are planning to scrap one of our four nuclear submarines and make other swingeing cuts to its military capabilities, have been dismissed as "fanciful" by our defence officials.

    If recent articles in “Le Parisien” were to be believed then we would be without the ability to maintain a continuous nuclear presence at sea and not be able to carry airborne nuclear warheads on Mirage 2000 and Rafale jets. Add to which the newspapers thoughts that our military bases would be reduced from 60 to 20 and recruiting would be radically reduced.

    Most, if not all, of these fantasies have come from partial military sources discussing working scenarios for the future rather than documents from our defence ministry. A spokesman has insisted that the two pillars of our nuclear deterrent – seaborne and airborne – were non-negotiable and would be "maintained during President François Hollande's entire (five-year) mandate. Also that intervention such has happened in Mali shows we must maintain the means to carry out similar operations in the future.

    A very important event has been conveniently played down is the resignation of our budget minister Jérôme Cahuzac a major player in these hypotheses and a staunch supporter of defence cuts. Now being investigated for serious tax fraud and money laundering…………… you just have to love a good socialist!!!
  10. French defence expendiature and planning is un tres interesant topic.
    Its also not the political game of cut defence to increase welfare spending the UK budget is.
    Plus de political posturing by the politicians and the military, then all sides agree on what is needed and let le ministere get on with it.
  11. It is time for le Livre Blanc (Defence White Paper); this is nothing more than the French equivalent of scrapping the Red Arrows, Paras or Royal Yacht....
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  12. Indeed. I thought the very same thing...

    Anonymous MoD spokespeople briefing the media that the Red Arrows are being considered for the chop. Queue public outrage. Queue loss of some support units considered superfluous to the orbat - but then hastely reassembled when deployment rotation hits IV.
  13. 599713_10200953486738966_508931551_n.jpg

    There is always the French alternative
  14. Powered by merguez and harrissa?
  15. The answer est plus simples!

    We build both our carriers with cats and traps, and the French provide the Air Wings!
    Plus de win pour both sides.

    C'est un bon idea Nescafe?