Major Eric Joyce rtd.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by a bliar, Nov 19, 2010.

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  1. Fair - no. Because if he had provided a sample as required by law, he would probably have failed and would certainly have got a fine and ban of same magnitude. The fact that he refused should have meant a longer ban and higher fine to deter other lesser mortals from kicking off and refusing to follow the law.

    Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy - well done to those who dobbed him in and well done the constabulary!
  2. He's never been able to come to terms with the Fall of the House of Cyclops, poor thing. And I note with amusement that the court heard that he was not 'compus mentis' (sic - BBC spelling). As he's a New Labour MP, this seems to be rather stating the obvious.
  3. Sorry 'a bliar', I started another happy thread about this awful man, having not seen yours.

    Makes you proud to be British and a socialist.

    Please note that there are laws for you, me and the people next door, and there are laws for MEMBERS of PARLIAMENT. This is particularly apparent when considering 'money' - our tax money!
  4. Anyone serve with him, what caused him to leave the Army claiming racism?
  5. More class war than racism.
  6. And our illustrious ex-Major has just resigned as Shadow NI Minister. Like that's a loss to anyone!

  7. Refused to give a breath test until he had seen his solicitor? Barrack room lawyer to the end eh? Prick. He should have been banned for longer though, as it's meant to serve as a deterrent to tubes like him who refuse to give a sample, so no, I don't think that the punishment fitted the crime.
  8. Throbber.

    Hypocrisy in spades
  9. Actually... he didn't get the same treatment as you or I would under the same circumstances because they (the constabulary) whipped him out the back door to avoid waiting media. Very naughty. Didn't work though, 'cos I waited outside his house and snapped him getting out of his taxi. He looked like shit and he wasn't at all chuffed at me - maybe I forgot to salute.
  10. Your right, he wasn't treated like the rest of us. If he was a lowly taxpaywr the plods would have bounced his head off the cell floor for refusing to provide a sample.

    Fnar fnar.
  11. Joyce is an ex-infantry soldier who came out, got a degree and went back as an Army educator (RAEC); he wrote an interesting paper for the Fabian Society which was picked up by the media and left wing politicians, basically it said how the army should be reformed/reorganised; military establishment mega-pissed and wanted rid, Joyce wouldn't go quietly; I've never met with anyone who served in the infantry with him but have subsequently spoken to a couple of fellow educators.
  12. Is that your pic on the beeb news site? If so they've plastered your name all over it;)

    *Alright, on the bottom R\H\ small print.
  13. What did they have to say?