Major Drugs Bust By HMS Iron Duke

From the RN website: Drugs bust

Cocaine with a minimum street value of £40 million has been seized by a Royal Navy warship in the North Atlantic in a major drug bust operation.

In a joint operation with the US Coast Guard on Saturday (28 June), the frigate HMS Iron Duke intercepted an ocean-going speedboat at 1712 BST (1212 local) some hundreds of miles north-east of Barbados in a location which suggested the boat had been en route to Europe or West Africa. The Serious Organised Crime Agency, in association with the British-led Maritime Analysis and Operation Centre in Lisbon, was involved in the coordination of this successful interdiction together with other law enforcement agencies worldwide.

Such a shame that cuts in ship numbers mean that a frigate or destroyer cannot be on station all the time.....
And the price of illegal drugs will continue to fall...

isn't a rather high-profile young subaltern on that ship at the moment?
unfortunatly they had to pull four other ships in to port in order to pay for the fuel to get the Iron Duke on station.

If the RN had any nouce they would have kept this quite, "disposed" of the drug runners and sold the crack themselfs so that they can afford to have more than one ship at sea at a time. I see the RN moving in a new direction.
What do they do with all that stuff? Could it be used for medical purposes?

Or perhaps the Andy could sell it and buy a new Frigate!!!!
bensonby said:
isn't a rather high-profile young subaltern on that ship at the moment?
It was an emergency resupply of bolivian marching powder that was unfortunately addressed to the wrong Prince.

airborne_artist said:
I was hoping for the headline:

"Wills seizes Charlie"
Well I've already seen one online headline saying something along the lines of "Prince William in £40 Million Cocaine Seizure" which could be interpreted in a number of ways. :)
The ship's captain, Cdr Mark Newland, praised William's maturity and contribution during the seizure.

He said: "This is a young man who has three, four years of professional military experience behind him.

"He is someone who contributes at every level. He is a very professional military officer, and very astute. He acts as I would expect a young officer of his experience and maturity to act in this type of operation."
I wish they would stop the constant sycophantic praise of every single bloody thing William and Harry do. That article turned into a "we love William" love-in. A good lad by all accounts but I just wish they'd leave him and his brother to get on with it. Surely they get fed up with being constantly photographed and filmed?
Especially as this is just a business expense for the drugs barons.

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