Major criminals on the loose

Is it an 8% drop in crime figures or an 8% drop drop in people reporting crime as they know its pointless?
Has Goole gone in to lockdown? They should search the boats.
Blunderside, ah, our country cousins. This is their Flying Squad.
And they wonder why car crime is so high in Hull...
Daft as it seems, it's clever Policing. Most people steal because they believe that the reward outweighs the risk. By making an example of this fucker, they've demonstrated that there's a chance of public humiliation and a criminal record; which will almost certainly reduce this type of crime.

I wager a lot of forces wouldn't bother because the single crime doesn't warrant the resources and the resulting impact on crime can't be measured.

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Judging by their dress sense, I reckon that they're a couple of Eastern Europe's finest.
I hope they get the cat and transportation to the colonies and when they have the Police might like to round this lot up:

I think we should all bombard Goole police with information about this crime. I have already called to inform them that I saw a man answering their description eating a muffin in Costa this morning. Hopefully they can link the 2 events.

He was probably famished after travelling 600 miles fuelled only by a stolen sandwich.
I notice the article is from February 27th, only 2 months ago.

I'm glad they stole it, else it would probably still be there.
If only the finest police force in England were on the case it would be done and dusted before the used by date on the wrapper will Humberside call in Kent's frying squad?
Oh well done BR - let's invite BounceBanana into this sensible debate. :)
I notice the article is from February 27th, only 2 months ago.
The crime was committed then but it's taken until now for Blunderside to attend which is quick in my experience.

Hopefully I should be getting a knock on my door shortly in response to an attempted burglary I reported seven years ago. I was told by the emergency operator that she could hear the commotion & that the police were on route and under no circumstances should I open my door in the meantime!
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