major Army restructuring

ooooooo......I can hardly wait:

Defence announces major Army restructure - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

[The Defence Force has announced a major restructure of the Australian Army.
Under Plan Beersheba three multi-role brigades will be created to include wider components of infantry, armour, artillery, engineers, logistics and communications.
There will also be changes to the structure of the Army Reserve and the creation of a new amphibious force.
Defence says multi-role brigades will enable more effective training in Australia and rapid deployment of forces overseas.
It says the changes will also enhance the Army's ability to undertake sustained operations.
Chief of Army Lieutenant-General David Morrison described the changes as a smarter way of delivering capability.
"Our modern Army is moving into the future with a new perspective and a smarter way of doing business and delivering capability within the resources we have," he said.
Parliamentary Secretary for Defence David Feeney says the restructure will closely integrate full and part-time personnel to create a force capable of meeting a range of contingencies.
"Each multi-role manoeuvre brigade will be supported by two Reserve brigades from 2nd Division," he said.
"Plan Beersheba recognises the operational capability of the Army Reserve, with a focus on stabilisation operations such as those in East Timor and the Solomon Islands."
The plan will be progressively implemented over the coming years.
[h=2]Key changes:[/h]
  • The restructure of the 1st, 3rd and 7th Brigades to form new multi-role manoeuvre brigades. These brigades will be fundamentally alike in structure to enable sustained operations within a new 36-month force generation cycle.
  • The establishment of 10 battle group manoeuvre units.
  • Realignment of the Army Reserve to be more integrated with the regular Army, forming an overall force of full-time and part-time personnel. The Reserve will assume a greater focus on operations.
  • The 2nd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (2RAR) will form the core of the Army's contribution to a future amphibious force capable of conducting humanitarian and disaster relief and other operations, particularly in the immediate region.
  • Army working with the Navy and Air Force to enhance interoperability between the three services, in particular in operations with the Landing Helicopter Dock ships and other amphibious platforms.
Didn't the British Army bring in the force generation cycle a few years ago? Obviously the Aus Army see it as a sensible option for a smaller force too.

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