Major AGAI 67 severe displeasure implications

Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by vexxed, Jul 29, 2013.

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  1. Hello all,

    Been googling, reading the AGAI 67 pdf and searching on here for abit and cant find the answer im looking for so thought id ask on here.

    2 years ago i was given a letter of severe displeasure for a split second drunken incident in a town center which resulted in a stay at a police station and a court appearence. I had only served a year in the Army at this point so was/still am a private. I was a scrote and a disgrace and took my punishment on the chin, however 2 years later with a new family i am alot more mature and wish to look to the future.

    At the time of being in the co's office with the feeling of the SSMs eagerness to beat me with his stick 2 years ago, i remember i couldnt get out quick enough, so didnt really catch on the implications of a letter of severe displeasure, i was pretty sure that i was told i would recieve a 3 year mark time on promotion from the date of my court hearing and it would remain on my CR for 5 years from the same date.

    Im due for a cadre very soon with a recommendation for promotion as im seen as a "majorly" improved individual, who has grown up and had immpecable service since the incident.

    My question is, as the SSA and adjt on camp are busy for the forseeable future, what are the implications of a letter of severe displeasure? Did my 3 year mark time/ sanction indeed start from my court date or does it mean my 5 years starts from the date of the court hearing and my 3 year mark time begins when ive done my cadre? If thats the case then if 3 years into my sanction i then done my cadre and my mark time began (which im hoping isnt the case) would my mark time only be 2 years as i only have 2 years of my sanction left? It says on my letter of severe displeasure that my sanction is back dated to the court date but it says nothing else. I have checked with the chief clerk who has checked oracle and JPA and it is recorded but doesnt say anything about a mark time it just says the sanction began from my court date?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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  2. 3 years from the CO'd decision ( you can be recommended for promotion within the 0-2 year point, promoted after the 3 year point) 5 year on your CR's, so when selection a candidate and their is same points scored, they can see who is worthy of getting the additional nod
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  3. Thankgod for that! So my marktime doesnt start when ive done my cadre it started from my court date?

    If thats the case il be over the moon. Im lucky to have my job and when i look back cant believe i was such a scrote, if i was the CO id have kicked me out, but they believed in me so i now wanna prove they were right to

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  4. Best get down town and celebrate:)
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  5. Haha i agree but my new definition of going down town is to have a shandy and a steak, seeing as how i cant handle my beer and im a massive c**t when im shite-ers. As i proved to the best of my ability

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  6. Practice makes perfect
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  7. Expressions of displeasure run from the moment you become eligible for promotion. So, for example, if you get promoted to Cpl and, in the same year, you are given a letter of severe displeasure, you would have to serve your time to become qualified for promotion (say 3 years) and then serve your mark-time promotion ban (another 3 years) before you can be considered for promotion. So in your case the question is when you became eligible for promotion according to the MS rules for your cap badge and trade.
  8. May I suggest a chat with your RCMO? Or even your Tp/Plt Comd?

    Sounds like you took your punishment on the chin, put it behind you and grew up - good for you and best of luck
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  9. Best of luck to you for the future.
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  10. Thankyou very much

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  11. Strictly speaking your mark time starts at the point at which you are eligible by time. So say you were in a trade where you had to pass a certain course and have served in the previoius rank for 2 years. Your mark time starts once you had 2 years in the previous rank irrespective if you had done the qualification or not. Its a bit complicated but the AGAI rules had to accomodate the different promotion rules for different trades and officers and soldiers.