Major A Hiscock RE (Retd)

For those few on here that might have known him, Alan passed away this afternoon after a long illness.

Alan, left the Army in the late 60's, but I know that a few of you date from that era and hence the post.

He was predeceased by his wife Pat who had also been suffering an illness, the same morning.

The Funeral will be held in early January.

thoughts go out to their family at this time of loss.
Always very sad to hear of another Sapper passing on, even more so with Major Hiscock's Wife passing away on the same day.

A similar story to this - I just read a couple of days ago about an American woman, so disturbed at seeing U.S. Dog Tags being sold on the streets in Bangkok, that she bought 35 of them and then attempted to find the owners (most of who were still alive) of the lost tags, she had Senators and high ranking Military personnel personally handing these former soldiers their lost dog tags, many of whom the memories came flooding back and their emotions came to the fore as they remembered the dog tags being lost during contacts in the jungle where comrades had been killed, one had been shot in both legs and lost his when his boot was removed and left behind during a casevac.
When she was about to deliver one of the last dog tags, the recipients' Wife passed away, he then passed away himself the next day.

Condolences to the Family and Friends of Alan Hiscock and his Wife...
A loving thing in itself, they went together.


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