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Maj Richard 'Dick' Winters..Easy Company..506 PIR...

Rest in Peace - a truly remarkable man.

One of the few things that history can thank Steven Ambrose for, is that fact that the example Winters (and his men) set was so well recorded and acknowledged across the world.

Edited to add that I would thoroughly recommend the following book to anyone who wants to know more about Winters' life, and his personal take on much that occured during the events of "Band of Brothers"

Amazon.com: Biggest Brother : The Life of Major Dick Winters, The Man Who Led the Band of Brothers (9780451215109): Larry Alexander: Books
RIP, a truly remarkable man.

Never one to blow his own trumpet, but praised everyone around himself, a very modest and humble man. Many could learn a lot from him.


Kit Reviewer
Me and mrs DW were watching band of brothers yesterday night and I think you'll struggle to find a finer example of exemplary leadership in combat anyway else.

RIP sir
So many could learn so much set by his example. I re-read Steven Ambrose 'Band of Brothers' while touring the D Day beaches last summer and visited some of the places Easy Company fought in. It was great to read of an engagement and then visit the location the following day really helped put things in perspective. Dick Winters truly was a unique and inspiring leader, may he rest in peace as he always wanted.

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