Maj (Ret'd) Brian Campbell

Anyone who has had anything to do with APC will have met or spoken to Maj (Ret'd) Brian Campbell. He sadly passed away just over a week ago.

It was his funeral today in Greenock and by all accounts was a standing room only.

He will be sorely missed by the Corps. His advice has helped me many times.

I know the term gets bandied around a lot but he was as close to being a Corps legend as any.

Nice thought SgtS. I attended the funeral service at Greenock Crematorium yesterday and as you say, there was an excellent turnout. There were two speakers and they both did him proud. As always with these events, there was a tremendous back story and Brian was undoubtedly a very capable and extremely fit all-round (Cricket and Rugby) sportsman in his youth. His return of 9 for 24 opening the bowling for Greenock Cricket Club is a record that still stands proudly in the club-house. As others have said, he went on to be a fantastic servant to the Corps in his retirement and will be sorely missed at the APC.
RIP big man.
I'm saddened to read this. I first met Brian when I was a gobby Tech full screw at 2Sqn 21 in Osnabruck and he was one of the troopies. Played cricket with him.
Ran into him a good few times when he was at APC and he did me a big favour when I was getting out. Tried to keep me in by offering me a posting to Naples.

A good man and a star every time we hosted him in the Mess.

Brian Campbell was one of an increasingly rare breed who had developed the art of being able to 'read' soldiers.
Accordingly his guidance, encouragement or simple cajoling was an outstanding example of man-management.
He was a round peg in a round hole in Glasgow.

RIP Brian.
I, like Guru above knew Brian from my time at I Tp, 2Sqn 21SR at Scarborough Bks in Osnatraz back in '83. A really good Tp OC and knew all his guys like few Troopies ever did. In my later years in the Corps he more than often helped out and gave advice as only he could in his own way. He was a real friend, a true gentlemen and will be missed.

RIP Brian.
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