Maj Phil Packer - Win a Lotus for H4H

It has be brought to my attention that some of you may not know about Maj Phil Packer. Please find the link below to explain why we are committed to him as well as H4H.

Link you need is

So, if you would like to help Phil raise his "Mil" and win a car at the same time hit the link below and get entering now.

You've all seen this thread by now, but now you know why we are doing it. Hopefully you will never need Headley Court, but others will and do. Help us support those less fortunate, and let's help Phil raise is Million.

If Lotus Cars GB can get involved I'm sure other organisations would help too. They don't have to give us a car, but they can advertise our posters or our link. Anyone with "mates in the right place", please PM me and we'll have a chat with them. This is starting to gather a bit of momentum, but let's get the ball flying not just rolling.

Many thanks to all those who have entered already, and good luck
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