Maj Pete Whiley - RIP

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Slightly_Nasty, Feb 4, 2010.

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  1. Reported yesterday via ICAREC: "It is with great sadness that we have to inform you that Maj (retd) Peter Whiley died, at home with his family"

    I had the pleasure of working for him briefly in Aldershot, and thought he was a smashing bloke who was liked by all ranks. I won't put the outline funeral details on here, please contact ICA if you want more details.
  2. Deepest condolences to Pete's family and colleagues, he will be sadly missed by his many friends at Brampton and the Medmenham Club.
  3. Agreed AdAstra. Pete was a lovely guy who was liked and well respected by all ranks. Although I never actually worked directly to him, he always took an interest in what I was doing and always had time for a chat and a bit of a laugh. A sad loss to the IA community and the Int Corps as a whole.

    My condolences to his family at this very sad time.
  4. ‘Uncle Pete’ was one of the finest men and officers it has been my privilege to work for. If by some miracle I were ever to be an LE officer (chances nil), his would be the benchmark I would set my stall by. A very sad loss.
  5. Deepest condolences to the family. A real professional, a real gentleman. God bless you Uncle Pete. Rest in peace mate.
  6. Mrs C_S served with Pete in Germany many years ago and he remained a firm friend who will be sadly missed. Agree with everyone else a true gent. Condolences to his family
  7. I first met Pete when we were both in the HQ 1(BR) Corps WOs and Sergeants Mess in Bielefeld, a number of years ago. He was of course the WO (WO1) and I was the Sergeant. One thing that stands out for me, and has already been alluded to in this thread, is that he made time for everyone, irrespective of their Regiment, Corps, rank or status. He was simply both liked and respected by everybody.

    The only comfort I can draw from his recent terminal illness is that he was finally able to spend his last few days at home with his family in his own comfortable surroundings.

    My deepest condolences to his family at this time.
  8. First came accross Pete in Bielefeld, to me as a young JNCO he was a superb bloke for a WO1. Years later as OC 45 he remembered me and for a couple of years hosted some rather good parties down at the section bar. He was then my boss for a couple of postings, a great man, good friend and boss, it is a shame that I never called to call him Grandad!
  9. I too had the pleasure of serving with Uncle Pete when he was the Boss in Aldershot in the mid to late 90's along with a few other notables in the Corps. A great man with time for anyone, irrespective of rank. Pete had his own inimitable style of doing things and many of those things I have shamelessly cribbed and now adopt with my guys. Liked by all and despite the fact that he was an avid Nottingham Forest supporter, I have never heard a bad word said against Uncle Pete and rightly so. A tragic loss to all, none more so than his family. My (our condolences) go out to his family. RIP inspired others around you; a true gentleman. :D
  10. I've been working with Pete for some years now, both as retired soldiers. A brilliant man who was a real 'people' person, if I can use that buzzword.

    It was true in his case - knew everyone, had time to stop for a chat and ask after them, always with a shake of the hand. Good, sensible advice given when requested. The world will be a poorer place with his passing.
  11. A sad loss ,Pete was indeed widely respected.

    There will be a few pints waiting on the bar for him, in the Greenfly in the sky.
  12. very sad. he was my adjt about 20 years ago and a very good man. always there with a word of advice, or a friendly chat about nothing in particular.

    another good one gone.
  13. Like many people in the Corps Pete had an interesting and varied career.

    It is such a shame that many of the new generation have to wait a year or so to read `short` obituaries in the Rose & Laurel - and even then not everything is mentioned.

    When eventually the Directorate get their act in gear in relation to a decent and accessible web presence perhaps this matter could be addressed ?

    RIP Uncle Pete - sadly I will not be there to what will no doubt be a great and deserved send off for a true gentleman and intelligencer.
  14. It is always a great shame when someone like this passes away.

    He will be missed and the world is a poorer place as a result.
  15. Pete Whiley was my Guardian Angel for a number of years....looking out for me early on in my career and being there later on to offer sage advice.....which was always spot on. Goodbye'll be missed.