Maj Nathan Arnison - RIP

Unfortuantely I have have to report the sad news of the death of Maj Nathan Arnison RE. Arnie died on Saturday afternoon - he was out running and only metres from home when he collapsed and died, most probably a heart attack; those who know him will consider this ironic as he was such a fit, healthy and robust bloke.

Arnie had recently started a new posting at the Joint Force EOD Branch, having been OC of 13 Geo Sqn. Arnie was an all-round great bloke - a good officer, good friend and family man - he will be missed.

This is a tragic loss and my heart goes out to his wife and two sons.
RIP Nathan. I hosted Nathan when he came to my Battalion on a potential officers visit when he was a student and a soldier in 23 SAS.

He became a sapper and we met up again in Bosnia and he hosted me on an illegal jolly out in the sticks blowing up FWF IEDs with a 50 cal. Thats the sort of bloke he was - just an all round good guy.

Cruel that he has gone like this, I don't suppose he is older than 38?

My heart goes out to his family.
Never had the pleasure of meeting him but he sounds like a top bloke.

Arnie, I couldb't believe the news when Brogan told me, but as you got to the bar before me, could you order me a cold one mate. You were supposed to be the fit one and me the ill one, Jeesus why. Even tho I haven't seen enuf of you lately I am still gonna miss you. You really were a top bloke and thanks for being a great best man for me. The boy's I'm sure will be as strong as there Dad and support Laura. teaguester.


Dreadful news - super bloke and all round good egg. I am sure ato types around the world will mark his passing - he was a good man and the EOD world is poorer for his passing.

My thoughts are with his family at this dreadful time.
I knew Nathan to say hello to back in the Regiment and when we took over from his Troop in Bosnia, it sums up what a likeable and respected Top bloke he was when his best mate told me -

"On his leaving do from Para Troop, 49 Sqn (EOD) he was that well liked and respected by the lads that hardened Paras and Commando's from the Regiment were obviously suffering from the effects of dust in the room - he lived and enjoyed life to the max, I'll never forget the time I towed him around the airfield in my car at 50mph with him under his parachute attached by rope to my car!"

I received an E-Mail from Nathan only on Friday, he'd read the book and wanted to send some of his own hilarious epics for inclusion in the Sequel:

"Good work on the book.. I read it and giggled like a pixie most of the way through it. I recognised some of the individuals, and can claim involvement in at least 2 of the capers.

I am in the process on penning a few dits myself for inclusion in subsequent editions."

R.I.P. Nathan Arnison, heartfelt condolences to your Wife, young boys, Family & Friends...

"What We Do In Life - Echoes In Eternity"
Tragic. I work in Andover and we were informed first thing on Monday. I never met Nathan, but we all know his type, whatever our capbadge. A sad loss to the Sappers.
RIP and condolences to friends and family.

From a Scaley.
A good friend and soeone who I was pretty close to. I only saw him a few weeks ago. It is absolutely tragic that he has gone. My fondest memory of him was watching him burning his ear in the black and white bar in Wimbish when he trying to duel with Dickie H using rockets harryblacked to the side of his head. The world is a sadder place for his passing. He was always smiling. He will be missed by both me and Big Bird. My heart goes out to Laura and the kids and my thoughts are with them.
Knew him quite well, and some of the dits above brought a wry smile. A true character and a sad loss to the Corps and, most importantly, his family.

My condolences. Requiescat in pace.


Served with him in Iraq. Top officer and a sad loss.

Our thoughts are with his young family.
Just found out the dreadful news about Nathan. Was a dear friend of mine at university in Glasgow. Were in the OTC together then regular army. Nathan was a proud son of Cumbria, a fine soldier and a great buddy to us all Honest, decent, no airs or graces, loyal and above all tremendous fun.

Sleep well Nat

Terrible news. I only found out yesterday.

This is the man who applied for a Joint Services expedition to South America as a Spanish interpreter. Not a word of Spanish to his name, his plan was to get some lingua-phone tapes a few weeks before the expid and swag it; working on the theory that it was unlikely he would be sent back once he was rumbled….it worked.

An ox of a man, he was hit by a (speeding) car outside RSME some years ago. He described his last memory of the incident as him para-rolling over the windscreen. He actually got up from the impact before collapsing and being taken into care by the Ghurkhas on stag at the gate.

Valhalla is a little bit livelier now and Odin has gained a formidable praetorian.

My thoughts with his family.

Three good friends of yours have just returned from leave and heard the sad news about you Nathan. We all served together at RMAS and were great friends. I have let a few more of your mates on Ops know. Sorry missed your funeral - Rest in Peace 'Arnie', we love you and will miss you very much......Our hearts go out to your wife Laura and young sons.

P.s We will not forget the crazy weekends in Brighton and taking you around the pubs in a wheelchair when you inujured your leg!

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