Maj Matt Bacon

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bad CO, Sep 13, 2005.

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  1. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    I know there is another thread running on the site about the recent sad death of Maj Matt Bacon, Int Corps, in Iraq but we've received an email from his brother (Nick Bacon) asking us to post the following details on here:

    This is also posted in the chatroom of the Army Air Corps Association.

    As with many others on here and throughout the army I'd just like to offer my personal condolences on a tragic loss.
  2. Matt's funeral is today at Chicksands, some of my INt colleagues have gone. He was a very good egg. Go well Matt.
  3. Biffa during the 1st Gulf war loading the Rebro Landrover at camp Flashheart before going "over the wire".
    Micky P to biffa: Biff make sure you pack the rover out with loads of AB biscuits incase we come across any prisoners"
    Biff " Why"?
    Micky P "So we can feed them."
    Biff : " Ohhhhh yeahhh and Marmite"
    Micky P : "Yeah whatever Biff"
    About 40km forty Kms and 3 days later they came across 6 prisoners, ( Biff was heard to mumble "SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT".)
    Micky P talking to the main Prisoner" Are you ok?"
    Prisoner: "No we need food and water please can you help?"
    Micky P : "Sorry we can`t help you with water but we have food" ( Micky + Biffa only had enough water between them)
    Micky P to Biffa: "Biff get all the AB biscuits out and share them among the prisoners"
    Biffa: "Why?"
    Micky P: "Cos I fuXking Said so"
    Biffa : "Sorry I have eaten them all, there lovely with Marmite"
    Micky P to main Prisoner: " Er sorry pal we have no food either" follow our Landrover tracks they will lead you to help.
    Five minutes later a sand storm came along and wiped out our Landrover tracks.
    Micky P to Biffa: " You fuxking greedy Bastxrd". "You just made me feel a right twat"
    Biffa to micky P" sory mate but at the end of the day they are the Fxcking enemy and AB biscuits are shite without water."
    Micky P to Biffa " k mate case closed"

    A good mate soldier officer all round good bloke who i`m sure will be missed by all who knows him.

    Biffa mate RIP......