Maj Gen Tony Boyle - RIP

Just picked this up on the RSA website Last Post page.

Maj Gen AH Boyle CB (Tony) - Died Oct 2011

Served - 1961-96 (Former SOinC(A) and Chairman RSA)

Only met him once, at an RSA weekend at Blandford. Was very patient listening to my drunken rambling on the Saturday night in the Sgt's Mess, a real gent.

Remember him well as CO at 9 SR, from '82 onwards. Here's a measure of the man...

I, and two others - in uniform, obviously - met the boss for a five-minute 'welcome' interview the morning after arriving at Ay Nik. Our paths didn't cross again until at least several weeks later. I was in the on-camp bank, in civvies, arguing the toss with the Cypriot clerk who didn't care what my payslip said, their records showed that my pay hadn't gone in. From behind, I heard a voice: "Problems, Cpl. GaratsHay?"

From behind, in civvies, I'd been recognised by the CO who'd met me once, briefly, weeks earlier - but that's not all.

I explained and was advised to cash a cheque at the Pay Office. I replied that this wasn't on, as I'd already tried and been sent packing because of some now-forgotten red tape. "Go and ask again," he said, "and if they still argue, tell them that I said it's all right." I've never had such prompt service from a pay clerk!

He used to run the line for hockey matches and once quelled some intended naughtiness against an opponent on my part with just a raised eyebrow as I raised my stick.

My thoughts are with his family, especially his widow; I knew Ann rather better than I knew the boss, having been directed by her in a Mercury Theatre Group production.

A fine officer, which is not something I've said often.
Really sad news. General Tony was a real gentleman and always had time for his soldiers and officers. I am shocked as well, because the last time I saw him, he looked on good form.
He could tell a good tale and could drink industrial quantities of the amber nectar.
RIP, Sir, you will be missed.
Condolences to family.
Like GaratsHay, I knew him well in 9 SR. I'd been press-ganged into playing the orqan at the Ay Nik church in '82 - payback for being allocated a quarter at 4-Mile Point. Tony was very supportive and often suggested different pieces of music I could play when everything else was quiet (saying their prayers?). Wonderful guy indeed - one of the best COs I ever encountered. His wife Ann was the first officer's wife I ever knew who wanted to be called by her forename.

Wasn't he supposed to be a member of the British astronaut team around '82?
One morning, the boss came on his rounds accompanied by the usual hangers-on. I was occupying the first seat, just inside the doorway, doing electronic warfare things. Next to the usual paperwork, I had a sheet of paper bearing a number of ‘keeping count’ pen strokes and, next to that, a pile of 20 or so identical cheap Bic ballpoints.

Our Commanding Officer stopped and, addressing me by name, asked, "Are you sure you've got enough pens?"

“I’m collecting, Sir.”

Looking wary: “You’re collecting pens?”

“No, Sir,” adding a stroke to my sheet of paper, “collecting people who ask about them.”

An eternity of silence descended. Even the tumbleweeds failed to move. Then, he laughed and, shaking his head, moved on down the line.

Following him, the RSM paused and leaned low, whispering softly but far from gently in my ear. Almost 30 years later, I can’t recall what he said. In fact, I’m not even sure that I remember his name.

I do remember Lt. Col. Tony Boyle, with great respect.
I remember Capt Tony Boyle as a superb Adjutant at 22 Signal Regiment in the late 60's. Someone commented upon his selection for Space training - I believe it was aborted owing to the Court Martial, in Cyprus, of one of his guys.
A true great officer, RIP

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