Maj-Gen Michael Forrester MC(Bar) DSO(Bar) :Obituary

Agreed Gremlin. A truly amazing man. RIP.
By May 22 the German attacks had reached a key hill near the village — its loss would have put at risk the whole position defended by the New Zealanders. Forrester rallied some 200 Greek troops. A tall, fair-haired man, he disdained to wear a helmet as he led a counter-attack which was joined by Cretan villagers, both men and women, all running and yelling and reacting to his whistled commands.

A New Zealand officer who witnessed the charge said later that it was the most thrilling moment of his life. Forrester's dash and determination drove back the enemy and, for the moment, rescued a critical situation. He was awarded an immediate Bar to his MC.
Popped into a Cretan village this year as part of family hols and the Cretan old boy and taverna owner, on hearing of my Britishness(!) took my water bottle and filled it with the local hooch, and refused payment.

Clearly the exploits of people like Forrester have left a lasting legacy where he and his ilk served.

In Memoriam Sir.
I believe the General also had FOUR Mentions in Despatches. I was in 4 Div when he was GOC. In the dark one night I was gossiping about this and that with a 'stranger' only to discover the stranger was the GOC. No wonder the Nazis had 'Bob Hope or No Hope' with men like General Forrester and the men he led prowling about.

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