Maj/Col Tony Seward

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Bleep888, Jan 15, 2009.

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  1. Anyone know what happened to this guy (Major/Colonel Tony Seward). Was my OC at 14th Sigs (Worcester) in the mid 1970s. Heard he sold the squadron yacht etc whilst in Cyprus. Damm good officer but perhaps a little "different" !
  2. Had a minor dyslexia problem, couldn't tell the difference between the terms "my property" and "MoD property" and erred on the side of the former when puzzled. Source of some splendid newspaper stories during his (shortish) tour as CO 9 Sig Regt. Allegedly.
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  3. A very generous man. 9 Sigs stores were distributed around the SBA to anyone who could part with a few pennies. I had dinner at establishments around Ay Nik which were fully equipped!
  4. I had heard as much but he was my OC Squadron (14th Sigs, Worcester)previous to his tour in Cyprus. Fantastic officer and leader of men..

    I was caught with a woman in the block so charged on the following day, he found me guilty and fined me the cost of a B&B in the town...

    Those were the days......
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  5. He flogged the Royal Signals yacht Brigand of Changi , plus other assorted stuff , hired out plant to the Turks , invested money that belonged to 9 Sigs and not his to invest , Got court marshalled and kicked out , RSM at the time , defence was "I was only obeying orders " got busted down to WO2 . No idea what happened to Seward after.
  6. Fine man......I don't think. Great visiting 1st Georges and sitting on MQ settees, Army curtains at the windows and cutlery with with the arrow printed on them. He made one RSM resign and called in one of his old mates to do the job. "Only obeying orders", yeah, right. Also seem to remember the QM/RQMS being up to their eyes in it as well (?). Oh, and one of the car dealers from Larnaca being given "special" access to 9 Sigs members. Seem to recall a free car from the dealer being available on the raffle at every fete (nothing wrong with that) and Seward having a gizzit from the same dealer.
    Corps yacht being flogged for a quarter of the value etc etc.
    Fine man to have in charge of such a Regiment as that used to be.
  7. Didnt know him in his Cyprus days but just seemed a charasmatic officer. Was a L/Cpl and Cpl whilst in his command. I spent 10 years in the Sigs and still believe he would of been the officer I would of followed if teh shit hit the fan. All IMHO........
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  8. While performing in the 83/4 MTG panto (Sinbad) as a minor baddie, I made the mistake of ad-libbing and changing a line from "Honest Persian!" to "Honest Colonel!" thus forcing the other baddie to reply, "Honest Colonel? There's no such thing!" (He went on to add, "Anyway, I'm RAF and we don't have colonels, we have wing commanders.")

    I was taken aside immediately afterwards by an Int Corps major, who kindly but forcefully pointed out that the memories of the previous CO were still too raw and that this was an unrepeatable ad lib...

    I seem to recall that the then CO's wife, Ann, was directing the panto that year...
  9. Want to know what happened to Tony Seward? In 1989 he was appointed chief officer of an NHS authority in Bolton, Lancashire, helped by an ex RAF Air Vice Marshall who was at the time the chief officer of the North Western Regional Health Authority. Seward was eventually found out to be a court-martialled, bankrupt, and previously jailed crook - and he was sacked, accompanied by a prominent feature in the Bolton Evening News! Those who appointed him have never been held to account.
  10. What a pity the Army lost a true leader despite converting stores into drinking tickets. Served with him for some considerable time and met up with him a year or so ago and just this same, full of spirit and adventure....certainly a Fields Marshalls baton fell out of his napsack. Like others who knew him well enough, always great to work for and one of the great characters in the Corps.
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  11. A thief and a liar, the Army and the Royal Corps are well rid of him.
  12. Is that you Tony?
  13. I knew Tony Seward - is he about still?