Maj Charles Ingram in MORE trouble



I fail to see why the man wasn't dishonourably discharged immediately.
What on earth does a man have to do to get thrown out of the army on his arrse?!!
He made the army look very bad indeed and they should have disassociated themselves publicly from him the moment he was convicted.
If there was fears that his conviction would be overturned on appeal it is of no import. He brought the army into disrepute by his tarting around on breakfast television etc.
BB - What ever happened to "innocent until proven guilty" ?

I do agree with you though that he did bring the Army into disrepute and I was equally amazed that he wasn't the subject of a DCM for that. But then again would that be punishing the guy twice - which you can't do (I think)

It would have been up to his CO to decide on a DCM based on legal advice. Possibly it was too high a profile case and the Army wanted a quick closure because of the adverse publicity and negative effect on the name of the "Army"!

Anyway he has been caught and punished by "due process of law".


TangoZeroAlpha said:
BB - What ever happened to "innocent until proven guilty" ?...........

Possibly it was too high a profile case and the Army wanted a quick closure because of the adverse publicity and negative effect on the name of the "Army"!
Sorry yes I should have made plain that I meant immediately he was proven guilty, not before.

The fact that it was high profile is EXACTLY why the army should have acted strongly and firmly and kicked him out on his arrse.
Letting him be called a British army major rather than a disgraced MR who the army threw out has done the army more harm than the man himself.
Strong and decisive action was needed instead of letting the man leave with honour and pension intact and the whole world seeing the Army do nothing.
A pal of mine retained his Royal Naval Commander rank on retirement...does this clown keep his rank to help endorse his no doubt forthcoming string of tv appearances and books? Shameful. :evil:
As if the opprobrium about to be heaped upon him by the court were not enough, Maj Ingram has, according to the Evening Standard, taken part in a television programme called 'Wife Swap', in which he exchanges his ghastly spouse for a dreadfully vulgar girl called Jade who apparently took part in something called 'Big Brother'. Mrs Cheat spent the time with Jade's boyfriend.

According to the reviewer (a job clearly not requiring the brains of an archbishop), neither were matches made in heaven.

These people appear to be going down the path of Neil and Christine Hamilton. I bet the RE are really really proud of him.

Let us hope the judge locks him up to spare the rest of us from further TV appearances.
Totally agree! Once proven guilty he should have been cashiered with full honours - you remember - his sword drawn and broken over the CO's knee; after it has been used to remove his buttons of his No2s of course; his fellow officers standing in two lines turning their backs on him as he is cast out the front gate of his barracks with what he stood up in; etc. etc

Thats the way to do it... ahh the good old days but then again he was ALLOWED to retire gracefully and receive his pension. Very charitable by the Chain of Command don't you think? Particularly when SOS Def is fighting a Treasurey battle for more cash just to balance the books. What!

As for strong and decisive action... hmm... maybe a generation ago - not in todays Army... lets see what the Staff Officer's Handbook says about that subject...

And finally! Yes I believe he will retain his "Major" rank as he retired. Happens every day = "Major (Retd) C Ingham".

Bless him look at the entertainment he has given the nation...


Legal types feel free to correct me, but doesn't this conviction mean that the 18 month suspended he got for WWTBAM fraud now will kick in-do not pass go, do not collect £200.

Goin' down................................
On a lighter note, anyone else think that the disgraced Major's ghastly spouse falls into that category where revulsion and attraction meet?
Or am I just a sick puppy who'll do any old boiler?????
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