Mair Wind!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Your_Mums_Pal, Jan 3, 2012.

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  1. It's blowing a ******* mental gale down here in Lanarkshire.

    Was just sitting checking my e-mail after work when I heard a radio squawking outside of the window. Peered out to see a couple of bobbies strapping police tape around my building and the adjacent bus stop. They were having a hard time and because I'm a nosy bastard, I went out to give them a hand.

    Turns out a whole fuckload of roofing and fencing has blown out from the houses to the right of my block, flew across our garden area and smashed into the houses of the shops over on the left hand side, taking out windows and bits of their roof. It's like a crash zone over there. Police are trying (unsuccessfully) to keep people away and are now letting residents of those houses take shelter in the pharmacy next to us.
  2. Pah you're only getting light gusts!! We are winning, so far, with over 100mph gusts in Auld Reekie. I have been watching the tiles on the flats opposite rising and falling which seem to be holding apart from one and my car is almost directly below it.
  3. On the FRB web site the wind speed has gone of their scale @ 90mph and my roof is trying to emigrate (again)!
  4. Blowing a right hoolie in Paris. I'm looking out the office window to see if the Eiffel Tower is swaying yet ...
  5. Seemingly it's to die down and shift up to the very north by this afternoon but I've never seen anything like the carnage outside in my short 24 years. Bus stop windows are rattling the **** (the plexi glass ones) and all the signs and flashing posts at the traffic islands on the main road have gone flying off down the dual carriageway. The two shops at the corner are shutting up. Police have said to me to stay away from my windows "just in case" but I think that one might be a bit much.

    Currently watching them staring in confusion at the debris that smashed into the houses across the way. Surely they'll call somebody out to lift it.
  6. Boldnotold

    Boldnotold LE Book Reviewer

    Down here in Dorset it's blowing a hoolie too. We lost power during the night, and there are bits of tree all over the roads. I'm very grateful I sit only on the first floor of the office block, which is a large metal slab and catches the wind nicely. At least I've been able to park the car in the middle of a large open space, but if the roof lifts off this tin building, it could go anywhere! It all reminds me of the Great Storm, when I was sitting on the third floor of the Midland Bank Office in Poultry, and saw a garden shed fly past the window. There will be tears before bedtime, that's for sure.
  7. I'm in West London and it's coming on a bit now. The sky dish is being wobbled like a good un. Seems we are all getting it then.
  8. If it breaks you will be able to fix it with your Queen Guide skills :)
  9. I left a message on the Beeb site in the hopes that they'll phone me so I can call myself a reporter walt.

    Nae joy so far.
  10. My apologies, this may seem a tad of a stretch, but it's blowing a real gale doon here in Sydney too...really, it is.
  11. no, no, no, no that wasn't the Great Storm, that was the brisk wind. The Great Storm was in '65.
  12. Judith Ralston walt
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  13. I went out the back court to rescue a few wheely bins that were getting rattled about and found one from next door in amongst ours. Tiles have been coming off roofs at random intervals, making walking about outdoors an interesting exercise in probability theory.
  14. The Beeb have got some real cute reporters out and about in the elements - I love equality! Just had reports from sodden cuties in Glasgow and Bude. Strangely arousing!
  15. Boldnotold

    Boldnotold LE Book Reviewer

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