Maintaining running fitness whilst keeping muscle on

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Ihavejamonmyjeans, Oct 21, 2008.

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  1. I've weight trained for the last two years and have reached a good size, I then started to do more running ready for the Army and the mass dropped off me as I am naturally an Ectomorph. I passed selection with a run time of 10.13 which I think is ok, and I start basic in March '09. While I want to keep weight training and keep my size on, I also want to keep my running fitness up. So far I've gone back to weight training and I do about 10-15 mins of cardio after each session. My question is for any guys that weight train. Have any of you been able to maintain your running fitness to the Army standard whilst using a level of cardio similar to mine (and therefore preserve mass) or have you had to continue running 3 miles and doing Fartlek training etc? If it comes to it I will sacrifice my muscle mass for running fitness because the Army is more important to me but I'd like to keep and improve on both. Cheers lads :D
  2. well im only 16 lol but im fairly big for my size but use to do weights all the time. Now i do a day of cardio and a day of weight then cardio etc ive got smaller but im still happy with my size but im still seein result on weight training and and hell alot more on my running .

    hopefully tht help ya mate
  3. it's not about muscle mass, it's about muscle strength and flexibility.

    don't forget, muscle is heavier than fat, and you'll be carrying around extra weight which will obviously slow you down. your body's adjusting itself to the optimum if anything.

    best example, i know people with a muscular build who are far weaker than any rock climber out there.

    if you want mass to impress then... pfft.

    seems your body is more intelligent than you!
  4. IMO doing 10-15 mins of cardio, you will be fooked when you start basic you want to be getting some 10 milers out with days working on your speed and doing your timed runs.

    You can always add muscle mass later in your career but purposly carrying extra weight that is not needed you are going to make your life in basic much harder than it needs to be.
  5. Cheers for the insightful response. I'll have to forfeit the mass then. It's worth it in the end though, and as you say I'll start training again in phase 2 me thinks. Funny though, I have a mate who's just gone into week 6 of phase 1 in Bassingbourn, and the only workout he ever did was walking to the bar! He seems to be ok. But I want to give myself the best chance I can as you can earn awards at Passing Out
  6. another thing i forgot to add, if you have more muscle mass you'll also need more oxygen and it also means more work for your heart.
  7. Let's hope the 'muscle memory' theory has some truth to it :)
  8. well, you say you've lost mass since you run more, can you lift less too?
  9. Yeah, my strength has dropped a bit with my size so I hope when i go back to training more intensely on weights, the muscles will quickly revert back to their previous state.

  10. Strength:weight ratio doesn't equal overal strength

    Rock climbers have phenomenal strength for their weight mainly in the upperbody because thats what the sport requires, the same of powerlifters who have very good strength but at a heavier weight because of the musculature that is utilised and the strain is undergoes.

    Each one is adapted for his or her chosen sport/activity. Both would fail horrendesly if they tried to take part in the others.

    On a side note- a fit powerlifter would probably be better then a rock climber with some weight on his back
  11. This is what I'm wondering. Most people seem to be saying you have to be able to run like the wind at the expense of brawn but if you can't carry the weight on the TAB I can't see it being much use to you. I want to maintain a good level of fitness, but i also want to be able to carry weight, especially as the Royal Engineers TAB with more weight than the rest of the Army.
  12. My bold.

    Who told you that? They're talking balls.

    As stated above you the more you weigh the mork work for your heart and lungs. Concentrate on training for what you are doing. Looking the buisiness will not cut any ice with the DS when it comes to PFT/CFT time. Work on your cardio as this will help you most of all. A close friend of mine body builds and although he looks good he's no where as fit me. Also he struggles to lift weight if it's not on a bar bell (ie: he's fcuked when it comes to route marching). You seem to have the right attitude when it comes to what you want out of your body so good luck and train hard.

    You can allways go back to the weights once you passed out

  13. The sergeant who gave us the presentation at ADSC.
  14. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Was he an Engineer by any chance?
  15. I'm not too sure but come to think of it, he also said "combat engineering will make phase 1 seem like Disneyland" so he probably was a Sapper. He seemed old skool too, none of the modern 'company speak' seen on the DVDs. He said of the WRVS, "go and fcuking cry on their shoulder and leave us alone!" :D