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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by B_AND_T, Aug 17, 2007.

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  1. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    I have recently had the pleasure of moving quarter twice. On both occasions Mrs B&T worked her t|ts off to make sure that the quarter was clean (I adopted a supervisory role in the matter). On both march outs the Fcuking estate manager (LSL passed over w@nkers) came in and said not good enough, you will have to get Married Quarter Cleaning Services in.

    Now, call me cynical if you want, but it does seem to me that this happens a hell of alot, which leads me to think that perhaps some of these managers are getting some sort of kick back from the cleaning firms.

    Am I just bitter and twisted or could there be something in it?

    (Not all LSL Estate Mangers are w@ankers. I have known some bloody good ones).
  2. Not to add petrol to the already flaming fire of cynicism and conspiracy but you might want to find out who the MQCS is and which of his relatives, (wife, brother, cousin, BIL etc.), owns it... Hell, you might find out he does.
  3. I have some experience here, having moved a number of times (as I am sure that you have too - and most of the reeadership!).

    But in my experience - unless the SFA was a gopping hive of filth and disorder, it all went well....... at least this is how I took it to be until a few years ago.

    The truth is (and this is my experience of moving) - all that is required is to clean the place to a reasonable standard. In the past I have spent a good couple of days stripping the cooker down alone - why? It is simply not required - a good clean is all that is needed.

    I have moved into SFA that has not been a patch on the way I left mine when I marched out, much wasted effort in my view.

    So what's the answer - pay the cleaning services to do it and leave your SFA exactly the way it is when you march out - that's what I did on my last move and will continue to do so until I leave. Completely stress free.
  4. Surely you don't HAVE to use the "services"? Is there not the option of "ok, I'll give it another once over"?
  5. Does sound a bit suss, but he could be just an anally-retentive old tosspot. Volunteer to go over it again and see what his reaction is. If he insists on the cleaners, there's something fishy around and I don't mean the NAAFI pork pies.
  6. Modern Housing Solutions charge £7.00 if you're diffy a light bulb! Quarters now have to be spotless and i'm talking recruit training inspection standard. If it's not you get billed for cleaners to come in and do it for you.

    Surely if you refused on the grounds that the quarter is up to standard and refused to pay they couldn't win if it went to court.
  7. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    When I was serving in Germany, marching out of our quarter - I had spent several hours supervising Mrs Mysteron as she cleaned the place to top to toe (Those out there who know me, also know that OC House is an obsessive cleaner.). So the Estate Manager tips up and says,

    "Not good enough, you'll have to use the MQCS"

    Mrs Mysteron," Why what is wrong?"

    Est Manager, "Well, you need to clean the window gutters, the step outside the door, the oven and you have a dog so the carpets will need the chemical clean as well."

    Mrs Mysteron then whips out the piece of paper that MQCS don't provide and retorts, "Oh if you remember, I asked you to put those slippers on as the carpet was wet from cleaning it with our chemical cleaner and all of the rest of those services aren't covered by MQCS, so why are you telling me to get them in here?"

    Estate Manager, "Erm, er, er......I'll tell you what I'll come back tomorrow and we'll see where we are with the quarter shall we. Bye for now".

    Next day, Estate Manager knocks on the door, "Oh that's much better, a little dink on the wall, not a problem, just sign here and that is the quarter over to us. Thanks then, bye!!"

    Hmmmmmmm, a little sussed I fear.

    That being said, when I left the Army, I didn't clean the quarter at all, paid for MQCS and funnily enough - no problems - Guaranteed march out!!
  8. My Bold...

    Hell, I left 20 years ago and did several moves from patch to patch and it was always the same. The frigging cooker took a week to clean and it still wasn't good enough first time most of the time. I think it was in the "that'll do" category once in all my moves and she was a female housing officer, (I forget what they used to be called). Usually it was the crabby ex-military men that were the worst nazis.
  9. MQCS?

    Mrs Hobit, phoned to book our march out and asked if we could just march out and be billed for the cleaning (because neither of us could be arsed to do it), however she was told that they do not offer this service anymore and we would have to clean it ourselves!
  10. I concur B_T . As it happens a "Friend of a Friend " has written into the Sixth Sense newspaper this week and the letter was published. I . like your good looking self :p agree.I think the they have been on the take for years.All the bolloxs about auditable this (the reply to the letter) is tosh.
    Funny thing I happen to know the very Estate warden you are talking about. Yes tosser is the word I would use . Did the aforementioned tell you to get the carpets steam cleaned(my dog is the size of an average slipper) and he just happened to know a chap that was cheap. :roll:
    As for checking the quarters i wouldn,t mind so much if the quality of the build was good but bits of cheap plastic stuck to the wall with two nails is hardly a skirting board.

    I think legal action should be taken. At least Dick Turpin wore a blood y mask when he robbed people.

    Thats my load spent I will now spend the next two hours in a dark room with some classical music and a nice pint of wife beater. :D
  11. Two hours for a pint?????

    You're either trying to drink by osmosis or you're a raging mincer :flower:
  12. Reading your comments it disgustes me that you cannot inform the Housing Estate Manager of this problem,and that LSL w@naker wiil have completed 30 years service and believe me he knows what he is talking about.

    As for the kick back from the cleaning service this does not happen, the MQCS cleaning team are manned by foriegn nationals who do a good job for the services and even they have standards obviosly higher than yours.

    You would be the first to complain if you where moved into a shit hole. By your comments you have not tasted the Defence Housing in the Uk when you do i will be looking for myour apology.

    Be aware that a number of Housing Estate Mangers are members of this sight.

    And finally instead of supervising your wife,get your hands dirty because at the end of the day you are the license holder not your wife.
  13. Wild Assed Guess:

    Works in the system. Either Housing Estates Manager or cleaning service. Female. Has husband that cleans the quarter or he's sh1t out of luck for the next month... She has a short fuse, little to no sense of humor and is about to throw sh1t my way for saying that... :roll:
  14. Fuckng hell. We're all tired. Some more than others it seems!
  15. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Truth hurt love?

    Unfortunately, I have arrived at a quarter, found it to be gopping, including having children's drawings on the wall and tried to refuse it. I was then told that it was tough because there were no more quarters to be had, so I could like it or lump it for 2 months.

    Oh, and there was (maybe still is there) an LSL who was in Fally who owned the MQCS - so shut yer trap. 8O

    Edited for a bit of rant mis-spelling