maindy barracks cardiff

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Chris_2oo6, Dec 21, 2007.

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  1. anyone ever stayed here?

    i've got ceremonial duties in jan in cardiff, and thus will be staying there.

    i'm used to the Z type we have on camp aswell, cant be arsed with sharing rooms/bedspaces etc again.

    also what are the facilities like on camp?

  2. Depends what rank you are...

    If your a jnr'll sharing, was there years ago, i have mates who are based there, so if you need any more info, let me know
  3. yes im a pte

    we're only there for 4 weeks though i think

    i hope

    what units are based there now????
  4. Mainly TA, if my memory serves me right, the accom is not great but OK. Main thing was fairly decent showers.

    Believe me, when you stay in transit accom as much as I do, showers become important!!

    When I was last there (a couple of years ago) the pub across the road was a good boozer. If you want to venture into Cardiff the city centre is/was a great night out.

  5. The Accommodation at Maindy is f**king appalling! As a tom you can expect to share a 40 man room with 4 plug sockets for the entire room in St Vincent or Detroit blocks with your seniors probably in the Dolls House sharing 4 to a room what was designed as a single room. Ablutions haven’t change or probably been updated since the Welsh Regiment stopped using it as their Regimental Recruit Depot in the 1960’s. No Shop or bars on camp that are open during the week, however the Heath directly across the road from the camp does pull a good pint and is usually loaded with student skirt. The city centre is around a 25 min walk and the only saving grace about the place is the food is usually excellent as until recently they still had Military Chefs, although that was going out to contract at some stage.
    Units at Maindy are mainly TA with the RHQ for regular Welsh Regiments, The RTC and RFCA.
    The only individual who seems to be happy living in at Maindy seems to be the Royal Welsh’s Goat!
  6. Baldrick you have summed up Maindy Bks to a tee, also MGS do the gate so no guard duty
  7. Also no Fire picket and the MGS are easy to remember as they all seemed to be Named 'Di' :D
  8. I hope the press and the cnuts in the CoC are reading this. It's beyond appalling, criminal is one word. Duty of care is, I presume, just a 'right-on'
    How long before some MB appologist appears to say that it's being 'looked at.' whilst wringing their hands and saying some bollox about 'these things take time'

    It should have been looked at years ago. Time for the CO and QM to make a block booking at a travel lodge.

    Cnuts the lot of 'em.
  9. Many a night I have spent sinking a couple in the Heath, before heading into town and was happy to stay in the bunkrooms a la great escape, once a regular however I realised how pish the blocks actually were.....
  10. Also Home HQ of QDG.
  11. I’ll think you’ll find Maindy was photo’d and put up on the BBC web site for a while to illustrate conditions troops have to live under. The accommodation was condemned by the HSC a few years ago and was shut due to a supposed Legionnaire’s Disease risk. I believe the only reason it was reopened and the minimum money was spent was due to the RTC running residential courses in the barracks. It has been quoted a few times that because the barrack blocks are grade 2 listed everything costs too much, and as far as I’m aware it was decided it would be cheaper for the MOD to relocate the RTC to a new build at another location, than it is to renovate the blocks. Once they move the requirement for accommodation will have moved with it and they can shut the whole lot down. The whole place needed condemning years ago
  12. its ok i'll be stagging on at cardiff castle instead :?
  13. You'd be better off living in your sentry box at The Castle the state the blocks are in at Maindy :wink:

    Am looking forward to watching some of the ceremonies
  14. Was at Maindy in 2003 for Cambrian Patrol. We stayed there for a few days after. Cracking spot for getting out for the night. Apart from thats its shit. Food is acceptable.
  15. hi all - 1st post so treat me gently - anyone know if there is any welfare/visitors type of accommodation at or near Cardiff? Many thanks x