Main reason for para drop outs?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by no_surrender_rfc1690, Aug 4, 2011.

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  1. I was just wondering as ive just recently passed prac, what the main reason is for people droppin out phase 1 during paratrooper training. Obviously im aware its hard going but do you still get timed on steeple chases etc when you are in or can they just drop you for being unfit??

    Any help would be great thanks!
  2. No. The main reasons are that they are usually blind or in a wheel chair.
  3. The beauty of having a busy infantry where you stand a moderate chance of being plugged or injured means that the DS dont have to cling onto dead wood or Scottish people whilst playing the numbers game anymore.

    Everyone can afford to be selective.
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  4. Or because they miss their mums.
  5. As a joe back in Depot in 83-84 (Aldershot) the main reasons for blokes leaving were injury or a realisation that the army was not for them. A few were booted out as being no good, a few transferred to other Regts. My son went through training (Catterick) a few years ago....pretty much the same reasons as above for blokes getting out. Nothing changes

    One tip before you go....get good at running, and when you think your good.....get better at it

    Best of luck
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  6. My understanding is that they "Jump" rather than "Drop" out of the plane, oh well everyday is a school day eh!
  7. ...I should have added to the above, you are evaluated throughout your time in depot and will have to pass various tests, exercises etc to progress through training before you get anywhere near P Coy. If the staff think your not meeting the required standards you can be back-squaded and have to start again depending on where they think your skills are lacking.
  8. I start 2 October with the PARA's what date's do you have?
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  9. Im 2nd october aswell mate. Jus did my selection last tues-thur there. U might hav been on same selection as me? but im shit with names so might not recognise the name? Lol
  10. Good PM me your email adress and I will add you on Facebook found 6 of us on that intake, no I was 19-21 July what were all your times etc?
  11. daywalker

    daywalker LE Reviewer

    The reason most drop out is because they turn up full of piss and wind gobbing off about what form of jap slapping they are a black belt in or what football team they were nearly signed for, be under no illusion that training will be like what you did on PRac because if you do you will be in for a big ******* shock.
  12. Any tips for training Day? Sort of nervous and wondering if there will be any lazy pricks in our Section that **** about and talk shit!
  13. A couple of T5's and some comfy shreddies..
  14. Any tips? Certainly. Don't be a lazy prick. Don't **** about and don't talk shit.
    That pretty much covers it.
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