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If a SP has his main home in one country (not the UK), and he is posted Married Unaccompanied to another country, can his main pay still be sent to the country where his main residence is???
When I was on my Class 1 in Nov 2004, I went unaccompanied and my wife stayed in Germany in our own property. At the time, the clerk at 35 ENGRs said that all my money would have to be paid into my UK account as it was being split at the time. However, the excellent civvy clerks at Arborfield, having read through the JSP, encountered a paragraph that stated if a soldier, after said posting, will be returning to his permanent home address then he can continue to have monies paid into foreign account. I'm not sure if this had to occur within a certain time frame (i.e. returning to permanent home address after posting) but my posting lasted 7 months. I lost out on LOA but MUSA helped. Also, you will be entitled to a number of free flights. I wouldn't reccommend serving MU to anyone - do everything you can to avoid this.
why didnt you do retention of status?

why not set up a standing order from one account to the other?
Extract from JSP754:

Splits of net pay may be paid to a bank or building society account in one other country for welfare reasons provided the Service person can provide evidence, through individual Service Welfare branches or other delegated authorities, that the split of net pay is essential to the welfare of the Service person’s immediate family and/or dependants. Where a Service person has a proven welfare case MoD will either:

• transfer funds directly from an individual’s pay into a nominated bank account;

or where SPVA has no facility to transfer to the country requested;

• reimburse reasonable costs where an individual is required to independently arrange the transfer of funds, costs will only be reimbursed for one transaction per month.
BIPOLAR77 said:
why didnt you do retention of status?

why not set up a standing order from one account to the other?
It may be that the family is in a privately owned property, and do not require retention rights on a quarter.

And the FFR is more favourable than the bank exchange rate.

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