Main Building NOT Head Office

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by pipelinepete, Sep 7, 2004.

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  1. Having just returned to MB after the rebuild, I am somewhat alarmed to hear the profusion of "Head Office" used instead of "MOD" or "Main Building".

    I know we all have pet names for just about every facet of military life, but this one may have gone too far. Or is it the consultants who are using and proliferating the phrase to shy away from any realistic non PC title?

    Anyone else incensed or should I calm down by staring down Downing Street and sending telepathic messages to No 10?

    And before you all ask, yes it does look like a call centre inside, especially when everyone is using their headsets to answer the phone and watch the news at lunchtime!
  2. Probably New Labour trying to change everything you ever knew about the place, they have with everything else :twisted:
  3. Hilarious,

    we in civy street are now calling our Head Office - HQ! It's even a TLA as GHQ :p :p
  4. It's getting worse! We don't even own Main Building any more!

    After putting up a flowchart/process aide memoire poster yesterday, one of the floor-walkers who are here to "settle us in", told us to take it down as it was ruining the wall.

    My erstwhile RM colleague told David Brent that we required the poster for our work and his reply was that the building is a 30 year investment for Amey who own the building and its interior, and the MOD is paying HP over the next 30 years to cover the costs of the rebuild. Blue tac would cause long term damage to the paint and plaster, and we should apply for Amey to come and hand a board on the wall for us to hang things on.

    I thought they were just the service provider.
  5. I certainly hope you both told him to 'ram it' :x
  6. Did the floor walker end up picking his face up off the floor after saying that? I know that would be the outcome had he said it to most RM officers I know!

    It's a PFI arrangement. The MoD sold Main Building to Amey and effectively lease it back off them for a sevice fee. It means that Amey are responsible for the upkeep of the building and the MoD are buying an accommodation service off them for the next 30 years. Year on year it is cheaper than maintaining the building themselves, but over 30 years Amey are quids in to the tune of a few million. It's like a mortgage, cheaper than finding the lump sum in one go but you pay through the nose over time.
  7. The world has gone mad!! Of course you can't put up a board yourself as that contravenes HASAW Regs. In addition, you will probably find that you can't say Blue Tac either. Banner now market it as Self Adhesive Putty.

    I am curious though as to the background of these "floor walkers". Maybe we can employ them in units or on ops. Help you settle in and all that and tell you where you can hang your Rachel Stevens poster....?
  8. Don't know if you can book them for ops because they are very busy. There is even one who is appointed to go around and demo how to work our new £1000 chairs. He is just so enthusiastic, unlike his audience!

    I understand about the PFI business (Profit For Industry) but when some monkey tells the Men from the Ministry not to put up an effective tool for their job, the tail is surely wagging the MOD.
  9. Logic is on heat again, there is one MoD site where the Army CO let annington sell off the quarters, but insisted the MoD retain control of the crumbling US cold-war, water supply.

    The cost of restoring proper water to these private homes, and the adjoining defence estate will be siginficantly more that the revenues the MoD gained from selling the houses. What is that all about??

    Must dash after privatising the maint and logisitcs of the UK AWACS, we have reallised they are not combat aircraft and can be operated by civilians as well. ( now where is that draft CV......)
  10. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    I think the term 'Head Office' came from those wonderful civil servants who are desperate to make us sound like a small firm of paperclip manufacturers in Swindon, rather than a military organisation. Military titles and associations seem somehow to embarrass them. That is why they like to call commanders 'Line Managers', and the Front Line Commands are constantly referred to by their budgetary status of 'TLBs'.

    Try walking around MOD Main Building in uniform - people look at you in amazement like you are from another planet.
  11. Head Office, Main Building ... who cares ? Let's just blow it up and increase morale and combat efficiency in one fell swoop ! Next target Abbey Wood !
  12. Now that would create mayhem because there will soon be no buildings to decant us to in London. St Giles has gone back to its owners (Legal and General) and is sched for the big swinging ball, another was gifted to the builders as part of the payment for doing the MB job, and will become a hotel once again. We'll all have to go to Iraq and live in tents in uniform. Whatever will that do for the civil servants?
  13. I was going to blow it up with them in place - sorry if I didn't make that clear.
  14. It may be better to remove them to one of Bernoulli's pits prior to the demolition - it will make the task of separating out the salvage so much easier.
  15. O-o-t-S, If you need a hand , i may be available, and i can probably round up a few guys with similar experience , who would relish the chance. :evil: