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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Ian1983, Apr 17, 2010.

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  1. Well that's it then. Had my letter from westbury come in a few hours ago.
    Not sure what I did wrong this time as I thought I was a strong candidate, but alas it seems the qualities I possess are deemed not suitable or to a poor quality as required by the army for it's officer.
    Still, better to be glum now then cost someone their life later on down the road.

    Good luck to those going down the officer route.
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Basic literacy?
  3. You missed a bit. :)
  4. Kick a guy while he's down hey chaps?! To the OP, bad luck. It must be a right kick in the teeth. But as you recognise it wasn't meant to be, at least you gave it a shot, more than can be said for alot of the population.
  5. msr

    msr LE

    You did that deliberately, didn't you?
  6. No it was a typo Herr Kommandant. Edited for forgetting full stop.
  7. The plus of having a smartphone is it can be used pretty much anywhere. The negative is that it is hard to read what you've written.
  8. To be fair I wrote that knowing it was poor grammar.


  9. Ian,

    Have you thought about joining as a soldier? Although it's not your first choice, if you feel the Army is your vocation then you won't regret enlisting.
  10. So what are you going to do now?

    Edit: Beaten to it by Oyibo.
  11. Oyibo and detonator

    Getting the letter 4 hours ago I haven't thought about it yet.

    I'm 27 at present so will contact my original sponsors and see what they suggest. After my initial fail they suggested that if I didn't want to retake the main board they had other options (being the engineers).
  12. Fair enough. I'd just say that if you want to join the Army because you feel it is a vocation (rather than a job that will give you a trade), go for the branch that will satisfy your aspirations. There are plenty of threads here debating whether to join the infantry or a corps, but I can honestly say that joining the infantry was right for me because it is what I wanted to do. And I've got a far better job now than being a vehicle mechanic or electrician! (No offence intended to REME types.)
  13. The opportunity to have a vocation instead of a occupation is what drew me to the army in the first place.

    My interest in the engineers was because of the large variety of work, but I will consider what you have said. I'm only a ta private at present which is the only experience of the infantry I have.
  14. Harsh luck Ian, very harsh; I've got my second attempt next week and noticed that you and I were in the same boat...Sorry to hear it hasn't worked out for you. Chin up, and best wishes for the future - a different service perhaps?
  15. Best of luck with your second attempt ACA - I didn't pass my first RCB but got a good one on the second. Nil Desperandum


    Glad to hear that you consider the Army a vocation. IMO it is; and those who consider it a 'job' are often those that are despised by many in the military. Having been a soldier and an officer I can put my hand on my heart and say that being a soldier - yes, in the infantry - is a damn sight more enjoyable than being an officer. It's a case of 'doing' (as a soldier) rather than 'managing' (as an officer). I'm sure we all enjoy a mixture of the two, but given the choice of the two I would probably go for the 'doing'.

    You might also find that having joined the Army if you are intelligent, articulate, and the type who gets things done (I'm trying to avoid that awfull word 'proactive') that you will be recognised as NCO or Officer material and will naturally rise through the ranks. The rank is unimportant - the military is a task oriented organisation and your ability to 'get the job done' will count for far more than whether you wear your rank badges on your arm or your shoulder. I am sure that that the overwhelming majority of the Army would prefer a good NCO or WO than a poor officer.

    If you consider the military to be a vocation, go for it. I doubt you'll be dissapointed.