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Hi guys

I'm looking for some advice from those in the know as I failed my main board back in June and will be reattempting it at the end of January. My main board report basically said that I was happy to remain on the outskirts of the group and showed little leadership ability, which. based on my performance over the week is probably fair comment. Our group didn't seem to click and there were two very dominant members so a lot of us found it difficult to get our two pence across. At the time, I knew I was being a lot quieter than briefing so have no one to blame but myself.

Anyway, the rest of the board went well: my leadership task went smoothly, the planning exercise went well and the fitness side of things was good. My question is, what do people think would be the best way to develop myself and prepare for my next attempt at the board? I know I have it in me and the ability is there but unfortunately I didn't let it show when it counted so I have no doubt my next attempt will be more successful. I don't want to turn up though and get asked how I worked on my weaknesses and not have a good answer. I am, however, finding it difficult to think of things to do that would actively show I've been working on improving my leadership ability and confidence in a group. Has anyone got any ideas?

So far I've thought of organising a team to do an 'adventure race', such as this. I've also been toying with the idea of organising my own 'expedition' which would be filmed whereby a group of us need to travel as far as possible around the world without spending anything and make a documentary on the experience. I wouldn't be able to do this until after the main board though because of money problems so not sure what use that is. I asked about joining the TA but was actively discouraged from doing so by the Army Careers Office as they said it would be a waste of their time.

I hope my honesty hasn't made me look incompetent but if anyone has any ideas to help me get through in January I would be hugely grateful!

Thanks very much
If you are having trouble getting heard during the leaderless tasks, I would recommend volunteering to be timekeeper. This way you will have the opportunity to be heard by the group at least every minute, which will give you a good chance to get your ideas heard at the same time.

As for demonstrating you have worked on leadership, rather than some expensive round the world trip post main board (which does sound amazing), I would suggest some local/community volunteer work. Do you play any sports/have any hobbies you could try and teach/coach?

All the best for your main board.
Two words: Mongol Rally.

I did a shorter version and have been trying to do it for years. Don't really know what it's got to do with the price of fish, but it's still great fun.

I suppose if you don't assert yourself you are always going to be in trouble, but there is a difference between being assertive and just being natural and both appear very different as well. Timekeeper is a good idea though, get a good watch.
How about starting a group/club in your area?

I run a writing group which I started up by asking about in my local bookshops etc and seeing if they'd like to host it and it went on from there.

Plenty of leadership and organisational skills to be had doing something like that.

Good luck!
Will you have enough time to complete one of those before January? I'm looking to retake my main board around the same time, hence my interest.

However, I have added those two events listed in my 'to do before I'm 30' list.

Running out of time on that list these days.
Thanks very much for the really helpful replies, given me definite food for thought. Volunteering as the timekeeper seems a good idea so will give that a go at the board, thanks very much Roger86.

Coaching a sports team seems like a popular suggestion so I'll be loooking into it with my local rugby team and see what they say.

It was also suggested that I volunteer as an Army Cadet Force Instructor as that would give me plenty of experience organising and leading a group so I will definitely be looking at that as it seems like an excellent suggestion.

As for the Mongol Rally, it looks amazing and has been added to the list of things to do but unfortunately money wouldn't allow it as I've just got back from a year's travlling and have some serious debt to pay off!

Anyway, thanks again for all the suggestions, it's been really helpful and will hopefuly make a difference in January. If anyone else has any ideas, feel free to post as I check the forum regularly and it would be much appreciated.

Thanks again
A guy on my cricket team did the Mongol rally and got shot at in Kazakstan, to his immense surprise the guys in the car behind (3 car convoy) pulled out a recently acquired Russian pistol and returned fire. He said it was the most riddiculous thing ever, a 45mph car chase across a dirt track involving a morris minor, a fiat panda a crapped out corsa being chased by three guys mounted on a small tractor with shotguns.

They still to this day have no idea why they were shooting at them!
oh dear, oh dear. It's all a bit limp isn't it and the clock is ticking. If you want to do something big and meaningful it's unlikely to happen in the time frame you suggest; think about putting the date back.

The things you describe are fine in themselves but hardly grip the imagination. You certainly don't come accross as being creative or enthusiastic. Perhaps unfair but true.

If you want to do some thing striking to put a bit of colour in your CV, help you mature and make you a little more interesting a person then best you get cracking. Limited funds are no barrier to success - it just means life is going to be more uncomfortable than it otherwise might be.

I don't think it's essential to focus on team things at this stage to make you a stronger leader. Work on personality and character and you become a more interesting or indeed intriguing person to have around.

Just off the top of my head here are some ideas for challenges to complete in the three month window;

* Go on the streets and spend Dec homeless. Keep a diary and try and get published afterward. Seek editorial sponsorship before you do. Think about raising money for homeless ex servicemen, the Sally Anne or such like before doing it. Think of an angle, try rural towns and villages rather than Cities for example or two weeks in each and compare.

* Pack a bergen and climb to the highest point from the lowest in every county in the land.

* Set yourself a challenge to do a paid job in every county before the end of January.

* Lowest to highest in every EU country.

* Get a job as a hospital porter / binman etc. Demonstrate that while you aspire to achieve great things, you have broad shoulders and and an understanding of all levels of life.

* Fly to America and cycle accross it.

* Work in a hospice.

* Pick half a dozen lonely and tough jobs and go and do each on a subsistence, "helping out" basis for a few weeks. Examples that spring to mind are Cumbrian hill farmer, Highland crofter, gamekeeper, deep sea fishing etc. I'm sure the wits on this site will come up with dozens more.

* Do a good thing which makes a difference to someone every single day between now and your Board. Not as easy or straight forward as it might appear.

I think you get the picture. Perhaps the most important thing is to switch your PC off and get out and meet people.

The clock's still ticking...........................................

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