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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by incognito1982, Oct 8, 2010.

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  1. Hello;

    Me again, hoping to drain all of your knowledge in my attempt to prep for main board!

    Anyone got any ideas on what sort of questions tend to come up at the interviews on main board? I want to make sure I'm on the ball and don't end up getting tongue tied especially as I have zero military background and a very limited knowledge (that I am trying to increase).

  2. PBW

    PBW Swinger

    Why do you want to join the army?

    What do you think an officer's role within a platoon/troop is?

    Why do you think you would be a good officer?
  3. "serve to lead" what does it mean?

  4. A very tricky question to answer without sounding horribly naive I should imagine.

    What did you say? I'd have gone with 'shoot him - he appears to me to be innocent but the officer may have knowledge I don't and if I hesitate I might get us both killed.'

    The 'say no and present myself for induction into the nearest concentration camp' comes across as a touch unworldly and 'shoot the officer and then desert' might not get you in the door either.

    So what was your answer?
  5. As 'a private soldier in Nazi Germany' I assume that I am most likely a member of the Heer (land component of the Wehrmacht). I would have refused and accepted the consequences on the basis that any individual who is doing a convincing impression of an innocent civilian would have been unarmed and posing a limited threat in any case. Contrary to opinion, I believe that the German Army (a highly professional and disciplined organisation if there ever was one) did not necessarily romp around Europe exterminating everything in their path. Except on Thursdays.
  6. Be prepared to express in all ways that you want to be an Officer. You can do this by thinking hard about what that means in advance and demonstrating your understanding in both word and deed.

    Be prepared to also demonstrate a well-established and enduring interest in obvious things such as the professional and personal development of both yourself and others. If you started doing this at about age 8 great, if not then you've got catching up to do because the comptition have.