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Dear all,

You are offered a choice of 5 topics for the lecturette at AOSB. Would it be considered 'fair' to pre-prepare a lecturette on a topic which you consider likely to crop up on that list of 5 options? Obviously, if it doesn't come up then life goes on and you go off the cuff but I'm wondering what people thought?


Or make simple background notes on all topics so you're halfway there on all of them instead of all the way there on a fifth of them...

Alternatively don't prepare at all and see how good you really are.
You wouldn't need to go "off the cuff" either way since you get fifteen minutes to prepare once you've received your five topics. I would strongly recommend trying to do the lecturette with no notes in your hand. Only my opinion, but if someone can't talk for five minutes about the thing they know most about - themselves - then there's no hope.
I was not planning on having any notes during my talk at all but rather learning one parrot fashion beforehand and then hoping it comes up on the day?

What were your topics on the day?


learning one parrot fashion would not be my advice, as it will be obvious you have done so. No one expects you to reel off a pre-prepared stump speech.
It would however be prudent to pick obvious subjects on your CV and make some "talking points" on them, IE aspects of them that you have practised speaking on.

I knew for example that they would probably pick a previous mountaineering expedition i took part in, so i spent a while talking to my mirror about it. i personally practised 3 subjects, and all of them came up.

the subjects i had were
mountaineering expedition
international relations (degree subject)
DOE gold
i have forgotten the others

other guys did theirs on
their classic cars
gap year in south Africa (for some reason he told them about bribing a policeman, don't know if he passed)
DOE silver
another gap year somewhere

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