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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by crashdummy, Apr 25, 2007.

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  1. Afternoon all,

    Just a quick question.

    I want to take the AOSB main board fitness test this week, and I need to know the amount of time I should leave between MSFT, push ups and sit ups.

    EG Do MSFT to 10.2, take X mins to recover, sit ups, X min to switch over to press ups.

    I'm doing this just to prove to myself that the fitness part of the board will all go to plan.

    It bloody better will, I've been training like crazy!


  2. You do the pressups and sit-ups in pairs: One does the exercises, the other counts. So, expect about 2 minutes or so between each bout of exercise.

    Of course, you'll be that much better off if you can do it all without any rest.
  3. Thanks for that OP, there's the first half for sure.

    Can anyone help me out between MSFT and start of push ups?
  4. err say 5 mins, enough to catch your breath and have a cup of water. PM me with your board date as I'm there in the not so distant future.. I too am training like crazy as I've just recovered from a back injury and haven't quite got to the required level, almost tempted to postpone my board.
  5. If you were to divide up the fitness test into two sections, ie MSFT and strength tests, should I do the sit ups or push ups first?

    Or am I bordering on pedantry?
  6. Push ups first. That's the way it is in the test. Also it's harder to do proper push ups if you've knackered your abdominal muscles - they provide your core strength to keep your body straight.

  7. Cheers FF.

    I've got everything sorted. I'll see how much my work has paid off tomorrow!
  8. Happy days, I can pass it all :D

    The bleep test to 10.2 wasn't too hard in itself, although I'd like it to be easier.

    My press up performance wasn't as good as I'd like, I only had 5 seconds left after my 44.

    Sit ups were the proverbial piece of urine, easily banged them out and could have kept on going.

    I have 7 weeks left until I have to do this for real, are there any tips that people wouldn't mind sharing with me to give me the extra 10% or so to pass more comfortably?

    Many thanks to all those who've helped me out so far!
  9. Not entirely true. For the fitness tests there will be two of the four groups doing one activity at a time. Two groups will do the press ups and sit ups while the other two groups do the run, then the swap. So the is a chance you may have to run first.
  10. I don't think that's what he meant.

    I asked which is first, if the push and sit ups were taken as a single unit.
  11. oh, sorry my bad.