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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by wooz, Mar 25, 2010.

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  1. Greetings all,

    Just a quicky. I failed my main board (have yet to recieve feedback). Before I have my second attempt would i have to resit the briefing?


  2. Nope.

    How did you find the main board wooz? Do you feel you gave your best attempt.

    Heed the words of the Brigadier as well, lots of people fail first time. So don't be disheartened.
  3. To be honest, the main board did not seem too hard (says me who bloody failed).

    It is an intense few days and i really enjoyed it. It is just really hard to know what they are looking for.

    I struggled horrendously on the planex, and on the command tasks I found i had placed myself in an awkward position which meant that i was not commanding as i should have been.

    I think I may have appeared a little flippant throughout as i relaxed into the situation too much. I need to wait for my official results but at the moment there are hundreds of reasons why i may not have been successful.

    I will give the low down once i have had my debrief.
  4. Once you get your feedback you need to start working effing hard on those areas in which you can improve. Is there soemone you can talk to, like a Regimental/Corps sponsor? If you are in the UOTC or the TA then find out what help you can get from the CoC. Can you do a PO attachment? Any sort of course the TA might run that may help?

    If you're not in the TA/UOTC then join.

    Are there other things you can do that might help? You've got at least a year, so what experience can you get under your belt? Is there a civvy job that might give you responsibility/leadership experience? Is there any sort of course, whether military or civvy - leadership related, adventure training, whatever -that you can do that will give you relevant experience?

    Broaden your horizons, sort yourself out with a bit of independent travel, perhaps, increase your self reliance.

    Do stuff on the net. I know there is at least one planex available as a practice paper on the net. Do it. Get your CO (if you have one) to check it for you and give you feedback.

    Keep in touch with your liaison officer, let him know what you are up to. Keep in touch with your intended Regiment/Corps.

    And (sorry to say this) but develop a plan B. You are not guaranteed a pass the next time out, so know what you will do if you don't get through.

    Good luck.
  5. Wooz,

    PM sent
  6. I failed in 2008.

    I have my own retake in 2 weeks (this coming tuesday, in 3 weeks I'll probably be having a formal dinner by now).

    My weaknesses, in hindsight, I agreed with from my report and have spent the last 18 months attempting to fix those issues. I joined the TA as a private and have been attempting to hammer the plan ex's.

    My advice (such that it is at the moment, ie unproven), is keep going, take what they say to heart and get on with things.

    My take is that, while I have spent the last 18 months improving myself, if I don't make the standard, whilist infuriating, is their decision and I should take it on the chin. My first report highlighted a few things I hadn't considered about myself.

    All the best

    edit- Just to add I also got overly relaxed as well, which I would say didn't put me in a good light. Not to mention my plan ex went horribly and my command tasks were not well lead shall I say (back seat role).
  7. I second all of the advice above, especially the bit about joining the TA.

    However, have you considered one of the many soldier jobs that require officer level applicants? The pay is good, the promotion aspects are phenominal and it should keep you interested, i.e. RE GeoTech or Operator Millitary Intelligence. You could find yourself an LE by the age of 30odds. Not bad.
  8. I heard that the pass rate for AOSB second attempt is 80%, but I only heard that down the pub. I failed my first, second approaching, but if no luck I'll definately apply to the INT corps as a soldier.
  9. I took RCB,when I was 17.That was far too young.I then joined the ranks,took it again a couple of years later-and hey presto.
  10. Sorry to hear that wooz. I read some (official) report somewhere that also quoted the 80% pass rate at second attempt, which might be of some comfort.

    Does this mean that your next attempt will be after your RM AIB? I've still got those sample plan-ex's, let me know if you want them.

  11. I also heard that, both in the pub and when talking to my sponsors.

    I think it shows real commitment to joining if you take what's been said on board, address your issues and come back stronger.
    I would think that the issues arise if you're exactly the same as before and a effort to change and improve can't be seen.

    Adapt and overcome and all that.

    Have you had any feedback yet wooz?
  12. I got the impression,second time around,that the fact that I had joined up,after the first fail,definitely helped me.
  13. Did you commission from the ranks or do you mean TA then reattempting MB?
  14. A guy in my group passed 2nd time, I guess it shows that you really want it. Good luck though lads.
  15. Not to go off at a tangent in this thread but that always confuses me.
    Why would someone chose to decide on such a difficult career, fail at the first attempt and then decide not to try their hardest again.

    I'm not questioning you exwing, just the perceived logic of some people.

    My first failure has filled me with nothing more then irritation (at myself) since 2008. It hasn't even occured to me in that time that maybe the course that I have chosen is the in correct one and I should not reattempt.