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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by theEnd, Sep 22, 2009.

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  1. OK, so I've failed Main Board. I'm sure most of you have heard it a million times.

    Truth be told I am very disappointed, if not devastated. I saw it coming because of my performance and have now tried to reconcile reality with ambition! I've had a think and there is absolutely nothing else I want to do other than command a troop of soldiers in the British Army.

    By the Grace of God, I haven't been told to stay away from Westbury, but I also haven't been 'encouraged' to come back. I'm waiting for my sponsors feedback. Even if my sponsor tells me what I do not want to hear, I'm determined to go back. I ain't here because of the recession, this is what I've wanted since I was about 12.

    Westbury made the right decision, I would have failed me. I did the age old error of dwelling on a previous task whence doing the next one.

    I'm giving myself a good year to go away, develop some skills, get a job and come back afresh with new enthusiasm. I do hope they don't expect second-timers to be supermen.

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who has failed to scour these boards in despondency, but I really do believe that I am right for this job and I let myself down badly when asked to showcase myself.

    Any ideas, anecdotes, reality-checks etc welcome.
  2. Disclaimer: I'm waiting for my MB date.

    Get the feedback, say you want to return, you are allowed to. Just make sure you smash everything on the feedback so they can see you have listened?
  3. Thanks. That's my short term intention. Please please please, do not go to Westbury until you're in a sound position in life, i.e. you're comfortable, content and therefore to not place extra pressure on yourself when at AOSB.
  4. Unlucky, chin up and smash it the next time. Being able to bounce back will show alot of determination which will tick a big box for you next time.

    Which aspect of the board did you feel you struggled most with?
  5. Hard luck mate. Are you one of us more (cough) 'mature' candidates? If you're under 23 then chill right out.
  6. Not to worry - I failed my first RCB (as they used to be). Went back about a year later and passed.

    At least you will know exactly what to expect next time so it should be less daunting, and you have time to work on areas that need improving. Best of luck.
  7. Hi.

    I'm 22. I do feel like I'm getting old though, and would ideally like to commission within my 24th year. So I can afford to pace myself a bit, I feel I have a bit of time to play with. That said, I'm hardly 19.
  8. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    A couple of questions if I may:

    What do you currently do for a job?

    Do you have any experience of the Army (TA, Army Cadet etc) already?
  9. Honestly, at 22 thats probably one of the reasons they want you to get a bit more experience in life and mature out a little bit. Not that I am insinuating that you aren't mature enough, but that patience is a virtue especially at you're age. The average age for an OC passing out of Sandbags is 24.

    I'm 25 and haven't had my briefing yet so all is not lost for you!
  10. Jesus Christ. You're 22 and you feel a bit old? Buddy, half the POs on here are at least 25. A couple of Arrsers heading to Sandhurst next year will only just edge in before their twenty-ninth birthdays. What I wouldn't give to be 22 again... time is on your side. Go and get a job and set about improving yourself. Get uber-fit, take up something outdoorsy (rock climbing for example), go and do some charity work... you have so much time.

    Comlag, where are you at if you don't mind me asking? Do you have your briefing date yet?
  11. Thank you for the replies and take comfort in belief that I am not only being helped but about 400 others (given the readership thus!).

    chimera: I graduated last year and am not in formal employment. I have grounded ACF experience, but did not embark on an OTC career, regrettably. I am however, weighing up the benefits on a stint in the TA.

    comlag & krek_brizzle: I agree about age, and appreciate that I am at the lower end of the scale, but to me officer training is an education and though I know RMAS isn't a university, I do feel like I'd rather do it whilst I'm young rather than as a last minute career change, without offending any elder POs.

    Even so, if I fail my 2nd attempt at the age of 23, then I'm finished for life! Whereas going back when I'm 27 say, might prove fruitful!
  12. Haven't done MB

    Do you know where you fell short or are you waiting for a debrief with your ACA? As said by a lot of people here, once you know what went wrong address those issues and you will be a lot more confident, and I'm sure that this will be noted by the selection committee.

    As for age, I'm a year younger but with age does not always come experience. Some people will do more things with 20 years, then others with 40. Don't get to bent out of shape about failure, its shows grit to shake it off and bounce back. Any way don't get disheartened with some positive action, this time next year you could be looking at a spot at Sandhurst.

    On a side note what is your name in reference to?
  13. Join the ta, don't worry about officer at this stage just do it as a bod, it will give you some experience, give you some confidence. It will also allow you an army fix and the opportunity to do operational tours if you are not succesful next time.

    Take note of any report that you get and work on any reccomendations. Take the time to get fit, really fit and depending on circumstances do something interesting or do a masters or something like that. The recession has given up some high quality candidates and the board will take them regardless of whether they have wanted to do it since they were twelve. That said the board is to a standard and not against each other.

    It's hard to say but not everybody is cut out to be a commissioned officer so don't see it as the end of the world. There are plenty of other ways to offer your services to the army be it through the ta or regular service and it us worth remembering that it is not only Officers who lead soldiers.
  14. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    This is bang on the money. TA time will boost confidence, and give you the opportunity to understand military people, mix with people you might not usually socialise with, and to experience what it is like to be at the bottom of the food chain. It also shows MB more than a degree of commitment.
  15. I've heard that if you are in the TA it can slow the process down - the transfer to Regular is a bit red tape heavy? Medical forms etc etc?