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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by DMan, Oct 10, 2012.

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  1. I have my main board in 3 and a half weeks and have been practicing my bleep test, as that's what let me down in my briefing and I wanted to share my training programme if anyone is interested.

    Firstly, I use this youtube video for the bleep test sound. It only goes up to LVL 10.3 so its perfect for my training.

    The Beep Test Level 1 to 10.3 (part 1) - YouTube

    Every monday I try and do the whole test to see where the fitness is, and so far I have managed to get to lvl 9.6. I'm ok until lvl 7.5 then my legs start to hurt. Once I have given up on the bleep test, I will pause the video, and take a 60 second break, then try and complete it to lvl 10.2 to show myself that it only takes an extra 60 seconds to achieve my goal. I will do the final stage 2-3 times.

    Then on Wednesday, I start at lvl7 and complete the test twice up until lvl 10.2 to improve my sprints as this is where I struggle. I then repeat this on Friday.

    On the weekend I will run a 5-8KM run to just generally improve my fitness.

    The key thing i'm learning to improve is my strategy. You dont need to get your whole body over the line, as some people did in my briefing, instead just place one of your legs over the line, and turn around.

    Secondly, alot of people waste alot of energy at the turn. What I do is as I'm turning I slightly bend my knees and hips and almost 'launch' myself in the other direction. This improved my overall score by almost a level.

    The final advice I'll give is when you initially turn in the other direction, try and sprint the first few steps as they will make the whole run feel shorter.

    I have also noticed that after I give up on my bleep test, I always recover completelly within 60-90 seconds. You really need to keep mentally tough and keep going, because at the end of the day, getting from lvl 9 to lvl 10 takes only 60 seconds of running, which could mean a difference between a pass and a fail at Main Board.

    Just sharing my experience,

  2. DMan, I am by no means an expert on this subject, but if with just over 2 weeks to go, (noting you say you are just over three weeks away from your board) if you still haven’t got to level 10.2 in practice for your bleep test, I would phone up and postpone your main board.

    Go full in the knowledge you can do it. To turn up and fail on the phys day 1 and be sent home would just be a massive waste of one of your two attempts at the board. I am not sure if its case for main board, but I know they wanted a minimum of two weeks notice for cancelling a briefing when I did mine a couple of years back or they would make you wait 6 months or so before you could re book.

    Also, if your briefing was in February this year, how have you found the improvement on your beep test? Have you only really applied yourself recently (please don’t take that the wrong way) and have found your training pattern you have described is giving your rapid gains in bumping yourself up the levels of the bleep test? Or have you been trying this method of training since February, which is quite a while ago now and still not making 10.2? I only ask because I thought, and am more than happy to be corrected by more qualified members of ARRSE, that the bleep test was used more as a way of assessing fitness levels not training to improve them; although I do appreciate you have adapted it. I thought a programme of fartlek training was better training for improving general levels of cardio fitness and training for a bleep test but I may well be wrong here. I really hope it goes well for you though bud, and that you are able to smash the bleep test when you go down.
  3. This is just out of curiosity, no offence intended...

    How much do you weigh/what is your BMI? Personally I find the bleep test piss easy, but I have seen a few posts on here similar to yours of people struggling to reach 10.2 and can't understand it?! Maybe I'm doing it wrong!!

    What is your other exercise/diet regime like?

    Good luck!
  4. I'm saying nothing.....

  5. Try running longer distances faster to improve your overall bleep test distance.

    Good luck.

  6. Ok, firstly you need to think carefully about this statement. If you completely recovering within a minute then you aren't pushing yourself hard enough. The point of the bleep test is to test your VO2 max, so by the time you reach a point where you can't meet the bleeps, unless you are very slow but somehow amazingly fit at the same time you should be hanging out.

    Secondly, from what I read it your training looks like this:

    Monday: Bleep Test
    Tuesday: Off
    Wednesday: Random Bleep test Session
    Thursday: Off
    Friday: Off
    Sat: 5-8km run
    Sun: Off

    Do you do any other training? No wonder you still struggle with the bloody beep test, that's not really a very good training programme. It must bore you to death if nothing else!

    Increase the CV work you do, but think about doing non-weight bearing things eg rowing machine, cycling etc to imrpvoe fitness. Do some circuit training as well. Also get some decent running done, do fartlek sessions, get down the track and start smashing out intervals, beast yourself up some hills etc; it will not only be good for you but be much more fun than just doing the bleep test over and over! BUT don't over train, just through in some of these sessions until you are built up to a better level of fitness.

    If nothing else, think beyond main board and about being a robust officer cadet who is ready to attend the commissioning course and go on to be a fit young officer. Particularly if you have ambitions of teeth arms, or getting badged on P Coy or AACC!

    Would be interested to know what other training you've done if any.

  7. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    I assume that this is a poorly coded 'cry for help'?

    You got a Cat 2 on briefing: was that a Cat 2-3 or Cat 2-6 Phys? If it was either, you have evidently not followed the advice you were given. Getting fit enough to pass the bleep test is an essentially mechanical process at your age; if you had taken the advice on briefing seriously, you would have knuckled down and got yourself fit enough for Main Board months ago. You probably still have time but you will need to work: if you can't be arsed, you won't pass. That should tell you something: if you want to be an army officer, you have to work for it.

    Between now and your Main Board, aim to do a mixture of fairly fast 2-3 mile runs; steady state 4-7 mile runs; and interval or fartlek sessions. Take one day off out of every five; go for a swim or bike ride that day instead. Have you been working on your upper body strength? Can you do the press-ups and sit-ups? You weren't tested at Briefing: are you sure you can do them properly?
  8. DMAN bear in mind when you do the phys at main board the beep test will be preceded by a warm up run of sort. There is also very little rest time in between the beep test and the sit ups/push ups (and the DS are more than happy to discount any attempts for incorrect method!), so you may find yourself going into the test already slightly out of breath.

    I think this caught some people off guard on my board; I assume they had only trained to reach level 10.2 without factoring in warm ups and the other tests. I am sure stress/pressure on the day may add to that so factor this into your training! 3 people on my board got sent home on the first day for failing the phys.

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    I don't want to drag this off thread, but why on earth is a selection board which draws from civvy street getting a weed up its arrse about fitness to the extent of bleep tests? Has RMAS lost confidence in its ability to get people frighteningly fit and at very high speed and what have they stopped or reduced testing for in their pursuit of the body beautiful? The assault course at RCB was quite sufficient to unmask the terminally adipose and the RMAS training regime did the business on the survivors.
  10. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    It's a fair point and I think the answer is that AOSB is looking, amongst other things, at candidates' motivation. If candidates can't be arsed to get themselves to the fairly basic standard of fitness asked of them, without good reason, then it tells the assessors that they really aren't well motivated.
  11. Hi Everyone,

    Thank you for all your replies, and this thread was not a cry for help.

    Sinice I passed my briefing in February (cat 2 3 months) I have been working on my general fitness. I did a marathon in April, with sub 5 hours finish, have been doing general running and training since then over the summer. I can do a 10km run in 45-50 minutes, with little discomfort but have always stuggled on the bleep test.

    When I did the bleep test yesterday lunch time at work I got to lvl 9.6, so I'm not too far off, and have 3 and half weeks to improve on it.

    I have no problems with press ups and sit ups.

    This is my full training programme:

    Monday lunch: practice bleep test
    Munday Evening: 2 hour marital arts session
    Tuesday: Rest
    Wednesday: repeat lvl7 - 10.2 3 times
    Thursday: 2 hour marital arts session
    Friday: repeat lvl7 - 10.2 3 times
    Saturday: rest
    Sunday: 5-8KM run

    During briefing, I als had the fastest time on the obstacle course in group.

    As someone asked, I'm 5ft 10" and weight around 88-89KG.
  12. Do you the bleep test in the green overalls or in your running kit at main board?
  13. DMan, I will admit I don’t know how much cardio is done at a 2 hour martial arts session, but if you have been doing that training regime since February you need to change it. You have three and a half weeks until your Main Board? I’d be running 5ks a four times a week and doing a longer run at the weekend. On the 5ks add in some fartlek training and hill runs, as well as best effort. On the rest days go for a swim. Doing the bleep test on Monday and Wednesday wont add much to your cardio fitness levels. If you have been training like this for that long and still not cracked the bleep test is clearly not working for you. I am not trying to be harsh and say you are unfit, I note you have said you have done a marathon, and were fastest in your group at the obstacle course on briefing, I am just suggesting that since February, unless you only made the very early stages of the bleep test you haven’t improved as much as required in that amount of time and could probably do with changing things a bit.
  14. You do it, or at least we did in March, in your own sports kit and your group bib on.

    I was in the same boat as you as my phys let me down on Briefing. After that though rather than do the bleep test over and over I mixed up my training with long steady runs (endurance), hill sprints (speed), intervals (best for raising your V02 Max) and the 1.5 mile (speed endurance) itself. Each of those targets a slightly different aspect of your fitness but it gives you a better all round base. In fact I think the long steady runs are the most important as I've noticed the biggest drops in my 1.5 are concurrent with lower long run times. This information's probably a bit useless now with only a few weeks to go to MB but something to bare in mind for afterwards when you're preparing for Sandbags.

    Anyway I wouldn't worry too much about the bleep test. It's notoriously more difficult when you're trying to do it on your own and you're clearly quite fit anyway since you nailed the assault course. If you're hitting 9.6 then 10.2 is only 6 more lengths and the adrenaline and competition should see you through on the day.
  15. Thanks for youre replies guys.

    I have to admit, I hated running in the green overalls. It should be easier in the running kit.

    Also, I only started doing the practice bleep tests from last week, as before that I was just running now and then.

    I think I will reach lvl 10.2 by the end of next week. Then will spend the final 2 weeks doing general running and preparing on the MAP tests and current affairs. I dont need to practice the Plan Ex as the tutorial before was very helpful and found them quite easy during the briefing.