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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Dodds1990, May 13, 2012.

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  1. I have my Main Board in a couple of weeks time and I was wondering if it is acceptable to wear a kilt for this or if it has to be a lounge suit as per the JI's?

  2. Its not quite that posh a dinner buddy.

    [wah shields up]
  3. If I was trying to get into the Army I'd probably go with what was on the joining instructions, whether or not a different order of dress was 'acceptable'.

    But that's just me.
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  4. Why not go the whole hog and opt for stockings and suspenders? Maybe a nice pair of Louboutin stilettos....
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  5. Or turn up dressed as a morris dancer.
  6. Shit idea, I tried that Morris dancing bollocks, broke my ankle when I slipped off the bonnet.

    Don't bother with the taxi, I'll walk.
  7. I would certainly consider the possibility that you wearing a kilt might come across as an attempt at attention-seeking. It's a ridiculous tradition.
    Kilts are for sport, or bagpipers, or ceremonial dress. They are not an alternative for smart dress.
  8. Are you male or female?

    Assuming the former (and taking the precaution of popping up a wah shield for good measure), you need to read things more carefully young man. You start the thread by asking about a 'Black Tie Dinner' - as is so often the case, the clue is in the title.

    If you have the 'lounge suit' (see another thread) equivalent of the Scottish rig, wear it - DO NOT turn up in a kilt with a dickie bow if everyone else is in a suit. I believe it to be a tweed jacket with horn buttons and a 'day' sporran but am prepared to be corrected. Otherwise you will look like all those other fools who, having been to Moss Brothers' hire department, turn up to weddings south of the Border sporting evening attire for an obviously 'day' occasion.

    One last thing - no apostrophe in JIs. Plural not possessive.
  9. the fact it says lounge suit and not DJ is a hint to how posh it aint!!
    turning up in a kilt would make you look like an attention seeker

    so prob not the best way to get noticed..
  10. If the JIs say wear a lounge suit...wear a lounge suit. Wearing anything else may just get you noticed for the wrong reasons. However proud you may be of your heritage, it's worth just doing as you're told on this occasion. Enjoy.
  11. Mate, it's like the normal supper and it's served in the canteen. Very, very casual compared with some of the grand messes out there.
  12. One assumes you would be wearing white hose and ghillie brogues to make up the ensemble. Very smart.
  13. I think you mean hobble.
  14. shell suit of the 80's era is enough & will get you noticed.
  15. Cross dressing is acceptable in the Army nowadays. If you think about it, wearing a skirt/kilt may actually go in your favour if they have certain quotas to fill.