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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Dodgy_Dodge, Aug 4, 2010.

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  1. Afternoon chaps,

    About to undertake the joys of Main board next month and my understanding is that once you have completed a circuit of the assault course, you then get to do as many of the other obstacles as you choose, in any order in the remaining time.

    It is some months since briefing and I remember that they said that the course could be attacked in any order in any case unlike at briefing.

    My question is, why is it like this? Surely it would be more logical to do as many circuits as possible, rather than picking 1 "easy" obstacle and repeating. Or is this a sneaky test of your character?

    I may be totally off the mark so any corrections welcomed. Not looking for any advise on which one to go for, just random musings.

    Cheers DD
  2. Not quite right DD. Once you've completed your first full circuit in the order given, you are then allowed to continue completing circuits of the course in any order you choose. You could start on an "easy" obstacle (IMO the one closest to the finish of your first circuit is the best) but then you have to complete all the others by whichever way you go before coming back to it again. I found that the order given by the DS seemed to be pretty logical for speedy continuation and didn't deviate from it.

    Best of luck
  3. Howdo D_D,

    combatte_wombatte's advice to you tallies with my own experience - there's a set sequence the first time around (where each obstacle must be completed) and then it's whatever takes your fancy after a completed full circuit. Logically, you start at the nearest. I remember a small human dynamo who completed two complete circuits of the assault course and was starting his third when time ran out...

    My only advice is watch the window frame. Damn near left my kneecap embedded on it! My other memory of that day is of 'Gallowglass the Human Spider's' unusual rope climbing action - upside down - which resulted in raised eyebrows from the DS.
  4. CW,

    Many thanks, it seems my desk addled brain is making things up.

    I have to admit I am looking forward to it.

  5. I was under the impression that had been removed now? Have I been miss informed?
  6. I think you're right Sentinel89. My Main Board - November 2003 - may have been one of the last to have it as part of the assault course - I seem to recall mention of it being made somewhere on this forum. Certainly, the chin-up test was done away with (I had done it the first time around in October '02).
  7. Nice to have got something right, haha. Must admit I am glad chin-ups are gone, but the window frame would have been a laugh and I could imagine it would have exposed a few people who flinched at jumping through it.
  8. Launching oneself through the window frame was great fun - my first crack at what was then RCB main board six years ago as a very young and inexperienced Wombatte was one of the last times that particular obstacle was used. Extremely nervous, I ended up overdoing it and did a full somersault through the frame and onto the sand before getting up and racing to the wall.
    It was certainly long gone by my second attempt in November 2009 (which had a much happier, if less acrobatic, ending).

  9. It will be very well explained to you before you do it.

    You seem to have the idea though 'attacking' it is exactly right, hurl yourself round it like a madman and you'll get round it.

    I was completely ballbagged at the end, but I actually enjoyed it. Same with the RA FAM visit assault course.

    It's like being a kid again on the playground climbing frame, except now your lungs are exploding and your legs are on fire..............
  10. Done MB with a pass, and was surprised at how tired you do get from charging around the assault course.

    To all those who have been on the RA Fam visit, would you please enlighten me as to the physical requirements expected on the visit? PFT? Assault course?

    And finally, I have heard its great fun...?!
  11. The PTI who normally runs the phys for the FAM visits was ill when we did ours, so they just got a random PTI to come down and lead the session. Needless to say he relished having some potential officers to thrash around, and thrashed we were. Bloody good fun though. I particularly enjoyed the run over the assault course which had to be done shouting at full volume. Any team not making enough noise- back to the start!
  12. complete the circuit once in any given order. You may not repeat the same obstacle over and over again. You will be given five minutes to look at the course. I recommend you set yourself a logical route and stick to it. Also I would recommend you have a good breakfast or lunch prior to attempting it. I was absolutely gassed out after mine and so were the rest of the candidates. People were coughing their lungs out all day after it....I got two laps + 1, however a few guys in my syndicate didn't manage to finish the course but still passed. Just give it your all and you will be fine, if you don't feel like throwing up half way through you are not pushing yourself enough.....oh and do not run out of the shed if you are not called poor guy in our group did and got verbally demolished....he thought his number had been called, ran out and almost knocked over the other guy in the middle of his attempt....the DS were not amused.
  13. Good effort chap, you must have been hooning round it! I got round one and a half times, and I was completely hanging.
  14. Bloody hell, sounds like 2+ laps is a cracking effort. What is the time limit? From what I saw at Westbury, the course is longer than the Breifing and 23 seconds was the fastest time on the day.

    cheers for the tips, carb loading will be on the cards!
  15. I think the record still stands at two laps plus three obstacles, performed by an ex-FFL and Artist's Rifles guy.