Main Board 2469 in Mind July cancelled

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by DMan, Jun 21, 2012.

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  1. Was anyone else booked onto this?

    I can only do weekend Main Boards due to work commitments and it looks like I might have to wait a couple of months.

  2. Unlucky on the cancellation mate - my board was almost cancelled and in the end, ran with only 24 candidates, which was quickly dropped for 21 after the phys.

    Hope your prep is still going well and that you get a date for a new board soon.

    PS - I got your pm but not really had much chance to give a full response, got my pass/fail letter today but it's at home and I'm at work so won't know exactly how it's gone for another 5 hours.... scary shit!

    PSS - when you get your board, book the next two working days off of the so that you aren't stuck at work when the letter arrives, like I should have!
  3. Bad luck fella.

    Make the months count!
  4. Any news Yorkshire Lad? I hope you got the results you wanted.
  5. Got the pass mate, over the moon about it really.

    I have been told to attend the Pre-RMAS to develop my cultural awareness, which it both what I expected and needed as I've never had any real exposure to the more artistic and literary elements of culture. Kinda what happens when you go to a ridiculously useless state school where the idea of a cultural school trip is lightwater valley.
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  6. Congratulations on the pass. Have you managed to get a start date yet? I am guessing with you attending PRMAS, and with September intake usually being the intake to fill up the quickest due to uni leavers etc. it won’t be until January 13? Or have you managed to get yourself onto this September?

    How did you find the board anyway? I really enjoyed mine.
  7. Sept 12, Jan 13 and May 13 are all completely full with only spaces coming up from drop outs.

    The PRMAS starts 15 weeks before sandhurst, is 11 weeks long and then you have a 4 week break before going to RMAS. As such, it really won't affect which intake I get in to. To get some dates I nede to be able to talk to the Signals first as they gave me a sponsorship and as such, will be dealing with all the paperwork. I'm asking to be loaded ASAP as I have no real commitments and don't particularly enjoy my job.

    I really enjoyed the board itself and was thriving on the challenge. By far the best part was getting second in the opening race, being demolished by the brown team and then dominating the closing race coming in first place with a time of 10:06 with the nearest to us being 14:40... Great way to end the board.

    What intake are you on and how's your prep going?
  8. All going well for me. I am nearly 9 months post op now which is a big milestone in the recovery, my intake is May 2013 and it can’t come soon enough. I am disappointed I can't get on an earlier one, but just glad I can go. I applied in late 2009 so it has been a long road. Did you manage to get round any of the other regiments? Signals are my sponsor at the moment too.
  9. Also, if you are persistent, I know there is a good chance you can get loaded onto an earlier intake. I know one lad who had a start date for January 2013, and got loaded onto the May 12 one very last minute.
  10. Congratulations. Now strip that crap off your signature block - you are back at the start point.
  11. Congrats mate. I re-booked my Main Board for early October.
  12. Super Congratulations mate, hope it all works out and you get on in quicker than next September!

    How much extra cultural stuff are they going to make you do? Involve learning off Shakespeare by heart?!
  13. At the moment my knowledge of the course is based on speculation and the little bit of info on the congratulations letter. From what I understand, you are in small intakes of 16, who will have varying areas that are to be developed; group leadership, confidence, cultural awareness and a few other areas are all worked on and as such, each area will have a few people in the squad that are confident and capable, to help the others along.

    I genuinely don't know how much cultural development there will be, however I believe it is mainly focused on raising awareness of highlights of british literature/theatre/art, rather than hugely indepth knowledge on them. If I hear anymore then I'll be sure to let people know.
  14. Surprised that this is considered important enough to merit actual tutelage from Sandhurst folks about it. Just shows that to be an Officer means being a machine at EVERYTHING!
  15. You have to remember that the british officer is recognised globally as being some of the finest and most 'classy' military officers in the world and thus, knowledge of british culture is important in all areas. For the sake of an 1 week course, it does appear sensible to ensure that the tradition of this knowledge is maintained in the future of our officers. Our military may be shrinking but that's no excuse for the quality to drop :thumright: