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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by i_love_ftorres, Mar 27, 2010.

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  1. First off apologies for slightly dumbing down this part of the forum into some banal, slightly gay, should off been done on facebook, no one who wasn't there really doesn't gives a sh$t - kind of thread.

    To the members of green group, i can't find any of you on facebook, other than a certain individual with a rather unique name, as i'm not prepared to wade through 500 profiles of John Does to find you.

    Now i know your all ARRSE lurkers so do the manly thing and sign up and let me know how you all got on.

    I passed :D
  2. maybe they give you false names just to mug you off?? no-one you meet on a two day course really wants to 'Facebook' ya surely?? Only ya mum!
  3. Are you suggesting Mick. E Mouse isn't a real name?
  4. Some of us care about stupid threads especially when they mention the green group from 2369. Was wondering when you might post on here.

    I've found some of the guys from green group on facebook, will pm with details to find me.

    I also passed!!

    Couldn't believe the letter came today especially as I wasn't at home, its really stressful racing back from Nottingham.

  5. Congratulations!
    Have you decided which intake you're heading for yet?
  6. Hi All,

    I'm in too! Hadn't thought I was going to enjoy Westbury but I actually had a good time in the end.

    Now a bit broken from celebrating last night...

    Ringing RMAS to book my place tomorrow!
  7. Congrats Torres & jew_jistu! See you at Sandbags!

    Me & Shifty will be the inters giving you looks of pity!
  8. Thank you Exwing.

    Congratulations Number 36!

    Phoning Sandhurst soon and hopefully be booked onto the May intake by lunchtime :D
  9. Congrats to all.

    Hopefully in 3 weeks I will be in a similar position.

    I'll be spending my summer either in Thailand, the South of France or somewhere around Crete if successful.

    Did you make the cut off?

  10. Good Luck.

    All those places sound great, wish I had the time and money to go.

    There are still places in May as I've just spoken with the OCAC at Sandhurst, just waiting for a call back with a confirmation that they have my medical records.
  11. I'm 27 and have a career on civi street so our situations are somewhat different I would expect.

    I'm definitely not going to make the May intake, so will be doing some exploring while I have a chance hopefully to start in September.
    I keep using the word hopefully because I was a twit at my last AOSB and took it for granted that I would pass and preventing myself from lulling again into that frame of mind.

    Well done passing and good luck getting in for May. Not long now.
  12. Great news jew...lets get this May intake filled! I heard September was already rammed, so they are squeezing loads of people onto the May intake. You'll have to wear your boots loads though!
  13. That could be a buggar as I'll be waiting until January 2011 if that is the case.

    I guess people are cashing their chips for September.
  14. That's the intake I am aiming for too, Jan 11. We will be the oldies at least if we both join the boxing squad we can get our own back ! hope to see you there.

    All the best,

  15. 3 weeks before my 28th :( . Where the heck has the time gone.

    I hope to see me there as well :lol: