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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Yorkshire Lad, May 22, 2012.

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  1. Ok so it's a little bit early compared to most of the board threads that pop up an evening or two beforehand, but I was wanting to see if anyone was loaded on to this selection and active on these boards.
  2. This board is apparently only half-full and might be binned, according to the rumour mill.
  3. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Don't put this kind of shithouse rumour here, mcflurry. If a board is going to be cancelled everyone will be told in plenty of time.
  4. Apologies; will refrain from doing so in the future. Good luck to you too, Yorkshire Lad.
  5. Good luck on your main board Yorkshire lad.

    I had mine confirmed for mid July.

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  6. Nice one fella, how have things gone since the Signals FAM?
  7. Final 3 months on university have been crazy. I have actually been living in my library since March. I finish my exams this Friday and hopefully will be able to get some descent training before July. What about you?
  8. All sounds good fella. At least come Friday, you'll have bugger all to do with yourself other than relax and prep.

    Thinks have been a bit rocky for me since the FAM visit. On the final stretch of the gun run on the FAM, I tore both of my calves - quote minor tears but still had to take two weeks off the gym. Following these two weeks off I hit the gym hard, but went a bit too hard and managed to give myself some constant pain in my knee whilst running for ~6 weeks. Now that both of those little injuries have gone, everything seems to be going great. Main board is three weeks today and so I'm officially starting to s*** myself. The silver lining is just knowing that three weeks on Sunday, I will have either passed or failed and can know where my life should be heading.

    What's your board date then?
  9. Only a couple more days to go mate.

    I'm sure you will be fine. Just make sure you enjoy and have some fun, while at the same time trying very hard. I think I had abit too much fun on my singnals FAM visit.

    Well I finished my exams 2 weeks ago, but I'm already working in a consulting company. There are no spaces at sandhurts straight away so might ass well get some experience and cash.

    My main board is in 4 weeks. I have basically started training for it physically this week. So I have 4 weeks to get dfit enought, which I think will be enough for me. In my briefing I got to level 10 for bleep tests, but now I'm concentrating alot more on fast short distance running instead of enduracne running, which was what I was doing before.

    I have actually started dreaming about the monday after main baord when you receive your result, so far its all good :)

    I wish you all the best my friend, and hope to see you at Sandhurst one day.

  10. sounds good fella, nice work on the consultancy role.

    I'm not too nervous anymore, afterall I've done as much prep as I feel I could have whilst commuting 3hrs a day along with working 8hrs. If it doesn't go well then it's fine, afterall we aren't all going to be officer material. However, if it goes well then I'll be extatic and can plan a relaxing year before it all gets serious! I still have some concerns over my left knee, but I'm hoping it wont cause any real dramas.

    This time I MUST remember that on the beep test I only need to touch the line at each side with my toes... rather than adding an extra metre either side by running fully over the line.

    No worries with regards to the plan ex, MAP tests, lecturette etc... had really positive feedback on all of those and have kept myself up to date with them, along with current affairs - I've now found myself watching Al Jazeera live stream online for 1-2hrs a night to try ensure I'm seeing a lot more than just UK news. How are you finding your current affairs prep? We were told to ensure that as well as a basic knowledge of the last few years, we should be able to relate to pretty much everything in the news for the 3months prior to the board.
  11. Thanks dude. It's also a management position so I'm learning a lot about talking to people and being organised. All preparation for Sandhurst I guess.

    In my briefing the only feedback I had was on my fitness so I'm not too worried about the rest. For the next 4 weeks I'm going to concentrate on fitness, they the week before do some MAP and PlanEx tests, so its fresh in my mind. During our briefing we had that lecture how to do PlanEx's which was really helpful so I think I'll be ok. Also, we have a similar lecture on main board.

    In terms of current affairs, 2 months ago I signed up to the economist. they had a good student deal, 12 issues for a £1 so I've been trying to read those every week. Also read some of the recommended books. I really enjoyed Dead Men Rising.

    Apart from that I'm not really too worried. From my previous visits I know I fit in well with the other guys, and I'm confident in my abilities to be a officer. So hopefully I will pass this time around. If not, then I'll just try again a couple of months later.

  12. Are those kind of offers legit then?
    I've just found one for 'The Week' - 6 Free issues with no commitment.
  13. If you canc el your direct debit after then its fine. However if you forget to do that then they will start charging you the normal price. Unfortunately alot of people do forget, so they still make their money.