main Board 15th March..can I get in RMAS for May 8th?

I have asked this question a million times to everyone I ahve spoken to at Westbury and my sponsors but no one has a clear answer. i understand there is no clear answer due to the nature of the intakes being filled up at different times.

However, just for piece of mind and so I can leave my bloody job sooner rather than later. Whats the chances are of getting on the may 8th intake if i pass my main board that I take March 15th. (this cannot be changed to an earlier date as i am waiting to recieve some grades just before this).

Has anybody had a similar experience and got into RMAS with very short tiome between main bord and intake.


It depends on the course loading. Astonishingly, we do plan in advance for courses, so if the May intake is full already, you'll be loaded for the Sep intake. If, however, the May intake has vacancies, you'll be loaded for that. And the crunch date will be how the situation stands when (and if) you pass the Main Board.

You should only have to give 1 calendar month's notice anyway, surely?



If you can't get to Main Board until March, then you won't know whether there's a place on the commissioning course (CC) until then. Even if there are vacancies now, they may fill up before May. I understand that RMAS is presently fully-recruited, so that's likely.

If you're female, then the cynic in me says no chance!, as strangely, the female places on CC051 (Jan '05) filled up before CC043 (Sep '04) and CC052 (May '04), which was unheard of (Sep is always the most popular). Suggestions have been made that it was due to Prince Harry's anticipated presence on the course... ( If so, then stand-by CC052 for an influx of girls..

Whatever happens, a few people always drop out at the last moment. I have suggested to a number of people recently that if they can't get on the CC of your choice then phone the Officer Candidate Administration Centre ((01276 41xxxx - 2554 or 2556 or 2553)) and ensure they know that you're still keen to go on whatever CC it is you're after, then in the preceding 3-4 weeks before it begins, keep pestering them. Finally, on the Friday before it begins, remind them that you'll be available if people fail to attend on the Sunday that the course is meant to begin. The only disadvantage to this is the possibility that you may end up starting the course with less notice than you intended, but it's better than being 4 months behind all your peers, with just 'extra monging time' to show for it.